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Posted by raynet11 | Apr 25, 2008 @ 09:51 AM | 7,164 Views
I have moved the old CP2 and MX-400 into moth balls for the moment, with the two builds over the winter (Mini-T and Hornet) and a 3rd planned soon (MaxIR) I figure might as well sharpen my focus. I also didn't help that Helimax discontinued the MX series so for now I'll just refer to it as a collectors item.

The flying crew for the summer includes 3 well equipped but always upgrading park size machines. Having a 6 month old at home cut my plans short for a Nitro build this summer so were going for the "fly when I can" park theme.

Trex S: (Converted to SE V1 Head)
HS-65's on Swash
CC-35 AMP ESC paired with ParkBEC 5V
Futaba GY401 paired with Hitech HS-81
Ber7P Rx
Stock 430X Align motor (300watt) with 12T pinion

Mini-T: (Stock)
HS-65's on Swash
CC-45 AMP ESC paired with CC-BEC set to 5V
Futaba GY401 paired with Futaba 9250
Berg7P Rx
Scorpion Scorpion HK2216-12 (375watt)
Radix 325 blades

Hornet X3D (upgraded MS CNC Swash)
Futaba S3114's on Swash
Jeti Spin-11 ESC
Futaba GY240 paired to Hitech HS-50
Berg7P Rx
AXI Gold Series 2208/20 25T Pinion