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Posted by raynet11 | Sep 26, 2007 @ 08:37 PM | 7,296 Views
Expanding on my current collection I thought I would pickup a Trex , the kit was cheap for "whats in the box" which included motor, ESC, heli and a low grade lipo (I'll most likely use the Lipo in my planks. )

The build was pretty easy, the manual didn't offer much text but the drawings were good enough. I'm 10 flights in thus far and I really like the way the machine handles.

Current setup:

CC-35 with 5V ParkBEC
HS-65's on swash
HS-81 for tail
430L with 12T pinion
Berg 7P Rx

Idle 100-90-80-90-100
Idle Pitch -10<->+10

I have also included an eagletree reading of what the heli pulls, in this reading I did forward flight circuits at a pretty good speed and two full power punch outs (see the heli turn into a dot).