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Posted by Oldcoot2 | Mar 08, 2009 @ 10:53 AM | 2,347 Views
Hopefully without boring you to tears I will give you a bit of info about this old man.
Born in the "Dirty Thirties." I guess I got the flying bug from my father, and two uncles. They were always making paper airplanes to keep me entertained, or quiet. Dad later was a combat glider pilot in WWII, hence the wings in my avatar in his honor. He said that the G on the wings stood for "Guts." Both uncles also flew in the war. I grew up building stick models. The ribs and all balsa parts had to be cut out of balsa sheets that were printed with the parts outlines on them. Used single edge razor blades were all that were available. I thought that anyone who could afford an Xacto knife set was rich. As I grew older I built rubber powered models and a few solid gliders. U-control finally reared its head and I was deep into that until the mid 50's when I built my first R/C. I was hooked. That is, I thought I was hooked until I saw my first real proportional radio. The vast improvement over reed or escapement control blew me away. It took me over a year to save enough to buy my first proportional rig, a 5 channel F&M brand out of Albuquerque, NM. I think that thing cost me $425 in the 60's. I stayed with the fuel rigs until 2006 then got tired of zoom, zooming back and forth, and having to clean all the muck and goop off my planes. I had noticed that a few of our club members seemed to be having too much fun with their thermal gliders so I...Continue Reading