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Posted by SPH1957 | Oct 15, 2018 @ 02:53 PM | 1,173 Views
I thought I would document my experiences with my TarotRC equipment and the drones I fly.

Firstly this is what I have:

2 sets of ZYX-M
2 sets of ZYX OSD
2 sets of TL301 GoPro carrying gimbal
1 set of ZYX BD Bluetooth Data Link
Tarot 680 Ironman hecacopter
500 size quad

FrSky QX7
Fry sky receivers as follows.

Posted by SPH1957 | Feb 05, 2018 @ 09:31 AM | 5,157 Views
Hello World

Please Let me start by saying that what I know I learned from Project Blue Falcon ( JC who you may know passed away last year and is sadly missed).

JC once mentioned that the Omnibus F4 flight controllers SBUS was not connected to TX1 and RX1 but to TX6 and RX6, knowing this helps you decide where to connect the GPS to i.e. not TX6 or RX6.

What I have done upload for you a series of screen shots that shows how I set up the FC and a pin out diagram (thank You Unmanned Tech) showing how I connected the Compass and GPS module. I hope everything is self explanatory.

Some Notes:

Read the pin out diagram carefully, you only have a F4 V5 board only if you have J16 on the right of the board and it has 3 holes otherwise it is properly a F4 V3, note the hand written comments I have made.

The connections I describe and the settings used in INAV are also valid for an Omnibus F4 V3.

I opened up my GPS puck to check what colour wire went to what function in the GPS Puck.

Setup screen

This shows GPS ordinates and number of satellites found, in my office not outside, I have had 22 satellites when outside.

Ports Screen

This shows how I configured my FC,

UART 1 for GPS and UART 6 for receiver (RX)

Configuration Screen

Note how I had to set up the MAG Alignment in order to get the Compass North and the Quad North aligned. you can also see the sensors I have used

GPS Screen

Shows that my GPS is working and the number of sats found

Modes Screen 1& 2

May be of interest.

Hopefully the attachments will upload.

Feel free to contact me if you are still having problems and if it works for you just let me know.