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Posted by kansascloud | Jun 29, 2009 @ 12:32 AM | 5,413 Views
My nephews Ely and Evan are really enjoying building their first ever rc airplane. I am having a good time teaching them. They are already flying mine on the buddy box. Should have one of their airplanes in the air by July 4. They are so excited.
Posted by kansascloud | Jun 21, 2009 @ 12:43 AM | 6,640 Views
Since completing and flying Big Bertha, I've worked on a few minor projects. I've mostly been flying what I already have.

On a winter vacation to Cancun, I took a copy of Park Flyer Magazine. Without a lot to do, I read every word of that mag at least 10 times. This included the build of a scratch build foam wing, powered by a tiny Eflite Park 180 motor. As soon as I got home I built one. Boy did it suck! Oh I got it to fly but it was really awful. So....what was I supposed to do with that cute little motor and speed control? Well, I had a whole package of 3mm foam and this little motor. In a short period of time I ended up with a little pusher powered slow flyer. Another neat thing about the pusher was, the KF2 styled wing I build for it. (took a whole 15 minutes to build) and it flew great!!

30 hours of flying and I finally wore the poor little motor out and pretty much fatiqued the airframe. I have just put the finishing touches on serial number 2, (a slightly improved version of the origional. I sort of made the nose pod look like Glamerous Glennis so I'm calling it the Bell X-1 EZ. The LHS called this evening and my new Park 180 has arrived. With any luck and calm winds tomorrow evening, I'll be flying the the X1?
Posted by kansascloud | Jun 20, 2009 @ 11:54 PM | 5,423 Views
I totally forgot about this blog thing. I just happened back into it a few minutes ago and read my post about my full fuse Magpie. I hope nobody has been waiting exactly 3 years for the outcome WOW how time flys, but I guess the question is....was the airplane ever completed and did it fly? They answer is yes and yes, but It was only finished this past winter. I guess you could just say, a lot of life occured in the mean time and I sort of stepped away from my favorite past time for awhile.

She flys really, really nice. Very stately in the air. Taxis very nicely too. Here are some photos. 3 years almost to the date. I can't believe it.