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Posted by kopterheld | Jul 24, 2018 @ 05:58 PM | 5,904 Views

This is the FXT Viper FPV Video goggles which is perfect for wearers of glasses. At the front is the LCD 5 inch monitor and at the back is a silicone cover which is removable.
Only one LiPo battery is needed and you're ready to go. Incidentally, the good LCD monitor can be used without the goggles.
In the goggles are two mirrors that bring the picture over a longer distance to the eyes. Thus, the goggles are quite compact and yet I can see the picture sharp with my licked eyes without reading glasses. Included are two simple linear antennas and an adapter with XT60 connector for connecting a 2 to 5S Lipo.
What I like very much, that the sun visor of the goggles is removable and so you can perceive the environment left and right and still look on the monitor. Just great as a monitor in front of the eyes and you see the environment. The monitor only shows the video in 16 : 9 aspect ratio, which may be adjustable to 4 to 3 in the future, Hey FXT support please add 4:3 aspect ratio. PAL or NTSC format is detected automatically. Via the auto search function you can find the video signal from the quadcopter, and you can save the frequency on the left. Above the DVR button, a video recording is started and with a long press you get to the video player via which you can watch the recorded video from the 32 GB SD card. This is the first LCD monitor that is perfect all round. I can use my glasses, it is very good to wear, delivers perfect FPV video and the monitor's response is...Continue Reading
Posted by kopterheld | Jul 06, 2018 @ 08:39 AM | 6,007 Views
You can ease flash or update the RX5808 Pro Plus OSD module:
(Only for the new RealAcc RX5808 Pro Plus with OSD and the new STM32F1 controller)

1. download achilles Plus for Eachine Pro58, current v1.8 from
2. press the BOOT button and connect the USB cable
3. wait about 3 seconds
4. open Betaflight
5. go to firmware flasher TAB
6. Load firmware (local) button and select the achilles firmware
7. enable 'no boot sequence'
6. Flash firmware and you are ready with the update

Get the RX5808 PRO PLUS OSD with cover here:

Link to Banggood

Here my Flashing video (EN subtitle)
RealAcc RX5808 Pro Plus OSD flashing Achilles firmware mit Betaflight (1 min 51 sec)

My Equipment from Banggood:
Fatshark Dominator HD3 - https://goo.gl/6Z9eU4
Eachine Pro58+Achilles - https://goo.gl/x4v74Z
FrSky TARANIS Q X7 - https://goo.gl/NLlhjc
FrSky X9D Plus SE - https://goo.gl/KlnCoS
iRangeX IRX4 Plus Multiprotocol Module - https://goo.gl/uF6Co8
FrSky XM  - https://goo.gl/5InfW5
FrSky R-XSR - https://goo.gl/4YM9LH
FrSky XSR - https://goo.gl/00SGNz
Flysky FS-i6 - https://goo.gl/zUEYnB
Turnigy Evolution - https://goo.gl/tzphLP
Fli14 Plus - https://goo.gl/cbWDKs
RunCam Split Mini - https://goo.gl/mjJWvd
RunCam Micro Swift 3 - https://goo.gl/YK9yFr
RunCam Micro Sparrow 2 Pro - https://goo.gl/A3LjgC
RunCam Micro Eagle - https://goo.gl/cqE7t6

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