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Posted by kopterheld | Jul 30, 2020 @ 12:53 PM | 3,993 Views

The first 6S BetaFPV 5 inch super light quad. With a 550mAh 6S battery under 250 grams, 144 grams without battery, F4 FC, 35A BL_32 ESC's, Caddx Ratel super FPV camera, 1805 1550KV motors, 25-350mW VTX
Get 5% Coupon for BetaFPV - http://bit.ly/KHBetaFPV
Use the GiftCARD for 5% more with Coupon: GiftCARD - http://bit.ly/BetaFPVgc
- https://betafpv.com/products/x-knigh...863.nSdqBoHFj7

Video - BetaFPV X-Knight 5 inch 6S less 250g (EN subtitle) -
BetaFPV X Knight 5 Zoll 6S unter 250 Gramm (7 min 2 sec)

Supplied with 2 sets of propellers 5125 Gemfan

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Posted by kopterheld | Jul 19, 2020 @ 05:03 PM | 5,230 Views

Happymodel Mobula6 HD Runcam Split with good FPV and HD footage.
FrSky D8 CoupoN: BGTT10 - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/vGKG27V9Jf
Mobula6 HD with an HD camera with only 27 grams. 1S Whoop with DVR recording 0802 19000KV motors F4 FC.
Even better, it flies longer on a 75mm frame with Gemfan 1635 props.

Video - Happymodel Mobula6 HD 26g with HD recording - EN subtitles

Best alternative as FPV version:
Happymodel Mobula6 TinyWhoop 1S
Coupon: BGtt10 - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KvmGg2tm9g
The best 65mm TinyWhoop!
A TinyWhoop with 20g 19000KV motors, Runcam Nano 3 camera, 25mW VTX, 1S LiPo, F4 FC FrSky or Flysky. With 19000KV, the approx 4.5min flies well through the apartment. With 25000KV the Mobula6 is extremely fast, but the 300mAh battery doesn't even manage 2.5 minutes. My favorite with 19000KV. And the Runcam nano 3 is sooooo good!

Scope of delivery with 4 batteries, 1 USB charger, spare propeller.

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Posted by kopterheld | Jun 15, 2020 @ 05:58 AM | 4,292 Views

Mr.Croc-HD is a Freestyle QUad, has the DJI Air Unit with F7 FC and 50A ESC’s. Powerful motors 2306.5 1750KV. The DJI camera sits at the front so that the propellers are not in the picture. Bluetooth and GPS module are built in. Weight with CrossFire Nano without battery 428g. Recommended battery - Tattu R-Line 1300mAh 6S 120C or 1050mAh

Get the bundle with DJI goggles with coupon: BGTT10 at Banggood
Banggood - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/GmvGAJcJVZ

Video - FLYWOO Mr Croc HD DJI Digital 5 inch Freestle Quad - EN subtitles
FLYWOO Mr Croc HD DJI Digital 5 Zoll Freestle Quad (6 min 49 sec)

Mr.Croc-HD with 1050mah 6S Lipo

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Posted by kopterheld | Jun 07, 2020 @ 03:38 PM | 5,005 Views
Lightest FPV Freestyle Quad with 2S battery, Runcam Nano 2 25-200mW video transmitter. Flies even better than the old Tinyhawk 1 Freestyle. The FrSky D8 receiver is permanently installed and can be flown with almost any transmitter such as jumpers, Radiomaster, Taranis.
Get the TinyHawk II Freestyle at Banggood
Banggood - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/3GmD1dNAdB
Coupon: BGTT10
or new User Coupon: BGNEWTHSTYLE

Video - EMAX TinyHawk II Freestyle - EN subtitles
EMAX TinyHawk II Freestyle - bester FPV Einstieg (6 min 9 sec)

Scope of delivery

Propeller arrangement

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Posted by kopterheld | May 24, 2020 @ 06:02 PM | 6,181 Views
A 5 inch toothpick Quad ET5 with Caddx Vista module, weighs 160 grams and with 650mAh 4S Lipo 237g. The quad is quiet, fast enough, agile and the lightest 5 inch quad you can fly with DJI goggles. Everything built from BetaFPV components.

Video 1 - BetaFPV ET5 DJI Vista 5 inch 237g first flight (EN - subtitles)
BetaFPV ET5 DJI Vista 5 inch 237g (4 min 42 sec)

159 grams with Caddx Vista module and CrossFire Nano receiver

Or with the 3S 850mAh Tattu R-Line battery you can fly over 6 minutes.

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Posted by kopterheld | May 19, 2020 @ 04:51 PM | 11,956 Views
Very nice very cool drone. Best drone for indoor and outdoor that I flown. The bidirectional DSHOT is activated and works with RPM filter. all Betaflight 4.11 setting are very good for best flying. verry good runcam nano 3 camera, very good Happymodel motors with 19000KV. More powerfull as the mobula6
Only one modification you need is to place the VTX to the back of canopy. with this mod you can adjusted better the camera angle.

Get the Eachine UZ65 from Banggood with Coupon: BGEAUZ65 or BGaFf10oFf - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/DDmDqDk7Ip

Use the JazzMaveric 16.80 48kHz BlHeli_S FirmWare to get over 5:20 min flytime - https://bit.ly/2ykxQeo

youtube -
Eachine UZ65 Tinywhoop 5 Minuten Flug deutsch (5 min 20 sec)

UZ65 only 22g

With 300mAh Lipo = 29.38g

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Posted by kopterheld | Apr 29, 2020 @ 02:14 AM | 11,745 Views
EMAX Tinyhawk II RACE 90mm 2S FPV Racing RC Drone F4 5A 7500KV RunCam Nano2 700TVL 37CH 25/100/200mW VTX

Coupon: BGHawk2E - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/GvGvUcd0Ab
Coupon2: BGaFf10oFf
The new EMAX Tinyhawk II RACE as FPV racing drone with 2 inch propeller, fast 1103 7500KV motors for 2S and the good Runcam Nano 2 camera with 25-200mW video transmitter. With 2x 1S battery, a charger and a storage box. Very durable, also flies perfectly in a hall or underground car park

Video 1 - EMAX Tinyhawk II RACE 90mm 2S flies super (EN subtitle )
EMAX Tinyhawk II RACE 90mm 2S fliegt super (5 min 6 sec)

Good Runcam Nano 2 camera

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Posted by kopterheld | Mar 20, 2020 @ 04:01 AM | 9,278 Views
Radiomaster TX16S with Hall Sensor Gimbals -
Video -
Radiomaster TX16S mit Hall Sensor Gimbals (7 min 25 sec)
( EN subtitle)

Can now be ordered from Banggood

RadioMaster TX16S Hall Sensor Gimbals
108,09€ - $116.99 10% Coupon: BGTT10 or 8% Coupon: pArts8 - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/vGvKMV73QP
The new transmitter that should be better than the Jumper T16 Pro with Hall Sensor Gimbals or even as a bundle with TBS CrossFire module

The TX16S transmitter from Radiomaster is basically the Jumper T16 Pro Hall with a few improvements. The Hall Sensor Sticks are made of aluminum, a USB-C connection with charging function and two serial interfaces are installed.
Manufacturer side - https://www.radiomasterrc.com/tx16s

RadioMaster TX16S Standard Version
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Posted by kopterheld | Mar 11, 2020 @ 11:55 AM | 9,862 Views
The new BetaFPV Twig 3 inch toothpick Kwad is extremely fast and super light with 1404 3800KV 4S engines. With F4 FC, 12A ESC's, Caddx Ratel camera 25-200mW VTX. One of the best 3 inch kwads with 105g. Mega fun with the good Caddx Ratel camera even in the evening with little light.
Get the TWIG XL 3 inches
BetaFPV - http://bit.ly/BFTwigXL
FrSky - Amazon - https://amzn.to/2TvOKhO
CRSF - Amazon - https://amzn.to/38ropWw

And use the GiftCARD to save even 5% more Coupon: GiftCARD
Get 5% Coupon for BetaFPV - http://bit.ly/KHBetaFPV

Video - BetaFPV Twig XL 3 inch Toothpick (EN subtitle)
BetaFPV Twig XL 3 Zoll Toothpick (4 min 55 sec)

Scope of delivery with the Twig XL 3 and two sets of Gemahn Propeller 3016

105 grams empty weight and with a 4S battery under 160 grams, a lightweight.

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Posted by kopterheld | Mar 11, 2020 @ 08:38 AM | 9,563 Views

This is the Diatone GTB 339 Pro, which is identical to the newer Diatone GTB 339F1. The F1 only has the licensed FalcoX firmware which normally costs around $ 15 and the Gemfan 3016 3 blade propeller. Otherwise, both quadcopters are identical. The GTB 339 Pro Quad has a Runcam Nano 2 camera with the good TBS Pro32 Nano receiver that can send 25 to 400mW. Inside is the Mamba F411 AIO board with 13 Amper ESC’s. The original are 3020 2-sheet HQProps on the Mamba 1105 5500KV motors. The Mamba Cube Frame is thin, but very stiff and light.
It is flown with a 450mAh 3S battery.
This is the best and lightest 3 inch drone I've ever flown.

Video 1 - Diatone GTB 339F1 FalcoX Caddx Baby Ratel -
Diatone GTB 339F1 FalcoX Caddx Baby Ratel (9 min 9 sec)

I ordered FalcoX for $ 15 for my Mamba F411 stack (licensed).
Before installing the FalcoX firmware, you should first set the direction of rotation of the motors under BlHeli Suite, because this is only possible with Betaflight FW on the FC.

Scope of delivery of the Diatone GTB 339 Pro.
Get Diatone GTB 339 PRO 3S at Banggood- https://www.banggood.com/custlink/GKvv6AFldF
with Coupon: aFfBg10

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Posted by kopterheld | Mar 04, 2020 @ 02:46 AM | 10,641 Views
The HX115 is a super light 3 inch FPV racer with a Runcam Split 3 nano camera that records in HD. With the 1105 5000KV motors, 3 blade HQPros and a 450mah 3S or 4S battery, the drone flies perfectly with Betaflight 4.1.
Use the GiftCARD to save 5% on BetaFPV Coupon: GiftCARD

HX115 HD Version - CAddx Baby Turtle
BetaFPV - http://bit.ly/HX115HD
Amazon - https://amzn.to/2JW7bHd

HX115 FPV Version
BetaFPV - http://bit.ly/HX115SD
Amazon - https://amzn.to/35a1rS7

Video 1 - BetaFPV HX115 HD 3 inch Toothpick
BetaFPV HX115 HD 3 inch Toothpick (4 min 25 sec)

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Posted by kopterheld | Mar 02, 2020 @ 04:07 PM | 8,738 Views

Reptile CLOUD-149 is a 3 inch Mega CineWhoop. For less money you can get a solid quad for cinematic video filming with e.g. a GoPro camera.
Get the Reptile CLOUD-149 from [CZ] EU warehouse with the coupon: aFfBg10 - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/3Dvvl7sWcf
Coupon2: BGRE149

Video 1 - Reptile Cloud 149 CineWhoop good and less $130 (EN subtitles)
Reptile Cloud 149 CineWhoop gut und günstig (4 min 36 sec)

The PNP 3 inch CyneWhoop has 20A ESC's, F4 FC, 1407 4000KV motors, 25-500mW VTX video transmitter.

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Posted by kopterheld | Feb 22, 2020 @ 04:50 PM | 5,008 Views
Get the Eachine EV300D FPV goggles
from [CZ] EU warehouse Coupon: BG333D - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/Dvmv6QZ4r0
Fast delivery from EU warehouse
The EV300D has new 4: 3 very good LCOS displays that can also be switched as 16: 9. The lenses are adjustable to diopter +3 to -8.
Two diversity receivers are installed with SMA connection. A rapidFiRE module can also be used on the left in the shaft. The picture in the goggles is really good, large (42 FOV) and even reduced noise. With the new firmware 2020-02-25, the latency has now been improved on all cameras from 100ms to 30ms. PAL and NTSC cameras get less that 30ms what is good.

EV300D new Firmware update (2020-02-25) PDF document ans download URL:

Video 1 - Eachine EV300D FPV goggles and update the firmware (EN subtitle)
Eachine EV300D FPV Brille neue Firmware (5 min 25 sec)

Micro USB to USB 2.0 OTG Adapter
Adapter to connect USB memory to the EV300D.

Short Antennan for FPV goggles
Lumenier AXII 2 Right-Angle Stubby
- https://www.banggood.com/custlink/3DDDgBLA5A
Amazon - https://amzn.to/2RsDlwT
4x Foxeer Lollipop 3 Stubby
- https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KGGD2mBK4h
And 2x 90 degrees Adapter - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/Gvm3q3g30W

EV300D has two diversity modules which roughly correspond in quality to a True-D V4 module.

Alternatively, other modules can be used, such as the...Continue Reading
Posted by kopterheld | Feb 13, 2020 @ 08:55 AM | 5,466 Views

Here I show how to update the Multi Module URUAV TMX5 and TMX5-Lite and install the bootloader. Later you can update the module with the Taranis transmitter via OpenTX. The Multi Modules are perfect if you have the new Q X7 ACCESS or X9 Lite transmitter to control FrSky D8, Flysky, DSMX and other receivers.

Video Multi Module URUAV TMX5 Lite update with Bootloader (DE with EN subtitle)
Multiprotokoll Modul URUAV TMX5 Lite aktualisieren mit Bootloader (3 min 47 sec)

Multi-Module Firmware

Flash Multi Program

URUAV TMX5 4 IN 1 Multi Module
The TMX5 is the same as the iRangeX iRX4 Plus multiprotocol module. The module is suitable for the Taranis or Turnigy 9XR, Flysky TH9X, Futaba S-FHSS. With the IRX4 you can control almost all receivers like DSMX, FrSky, Flysky, Futaba, DEVO and all quadcopters fly whether like Eachine E010, E011, JJRC H36, Hubsan, Syma.

URUAV TMX5 Lite 4 IN 1 Multi Module
This is the multiprotocol module for Taranis X-Lite, X-Lite Pro, X9 Lite. Support almost all protocols like FrSky D8, D16, DSMX, Flysky, BAYANG and much more.
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Posted by kopterheld | Feb 11, 2020 @ 06:55 AM | 5,602 Views

Meteor65 flies longer and smoother with the RPM filter thanks to the free bidirectional JazzMac firmware for ESC's with 48k O-H-5 16.79 or the L-ESC's boards O-L-5 16.78f 48k
Without RPM filter with 22000KV motors approx. 2:35 minutes with the standard BLHeli 24k firmware
With RPM filter and 16.79 48k JazzMac firmware with 22000KV motors about 3:15 minutes.

Super light under 23g with the new BT2.0 connector instead of the old PH2.0. The new BT2.0 connector can conduct more current. A light F4 1S FC and 0802 19500KV or 22000KV motors with a CMOS camera and 25mW video transmitter are installed.

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Posted by kopterheld | Feb 06, 2020 @ 04:10 PM | 9,305 Views

This is the Eachine LAL5 with the 4k Caddx Tarsier V2 camera.
Overall, the Eachine LAL5 flies very stable and well, has a great FPV video footage and you can have everything recorded in HD or even 4K. The motors are heavy but very good, the ESC's with 50 amperes have enough power. So if you are looking for a quadcopter with HD recording and maybe later want to convert to a 6 or 7 inch quad, this is a very good basis.

2507 1850KV 6S Motor mit 42 Gramm

Myvideo review (DE) and EN subtitles
Eachine LAL5 6S Freestyle - 4K Caddx Tarsier V2 camera
Eachine LAL5 6S Freestyle 4K Caddx Tarsier V2 Kamera (4 min 10 sec)

Eachine LAL5 - Caddx Tarsier 4K V2 Cam 6S Version
Banggood 6S Version from [UK] EU warehouse Coupon: aFfBg10 - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/DvD34HnHDJ
or [CN] Coupon: BGZBLAL5
Eachine LAL5 is a 5 inch freestyle with F4 FC and the CaddX Tarsier V2 4K camera optimized for 6S Lipo. 50A ESC's with large 2507 1850KV motors are on.
So only good components and despite the heavy motors, the LAL5 flies very well.
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Posted by kopterheld | Feb 03, 2020 @ 09:35 AM | 6,581 Views

This is the Mobula 6 1S brushless Tiny Whoop. For 70 EURO you get the Mobula 6 with the best Runcam Nano 3 camera with internal FrSky or Flysky receiver.

my video review DE with EN subtitles
Happymodel Mobula6 bester 65mm TinyWhoop (7 min 0 sec)

I find the Mobula 6 very successful, inexpensive and perfect for beginners as well as for professional FPV pilots. Such a 65mm TinyWhoop is absolutely necessary for the winter time.

Mobula6 with coupon: aFfBg10 - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KvmGg2tm9g
The Mobula6, a TinyWhoop with 20g 19000KV motors, Runcam Nano 3 camera, 25mW VTX, 1S LiPo, F4 FC FrSky or Flysky. With 19000KV the flies about 4min well through the apartment. With 25000KV the Mobula6 is extremely fast, but the 300mAh battery doesn't even manage 2 minutes. My favorite with 19000KV. And the Runcam nano 3 is sooooo good!

compatible batteries:
Happymodel 300mAh 1S 30C Lipo PH2.0
Banggood - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/GGKvbkIwt5
Original battery from Mobula6
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Posted by kopterheld | Jan 30, 2020 @ 05:17 PM | 4,541 Views

GEPRC CineRun HD3 3 CineWhoop
Coupon: aFfBg10 - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mDDDnSc5Gj
The new CineWhoop from GepRC with 215g weight with DJI Air Unit without a battery. Flies very quietly perfectly for video recordings with the DJI camera or even with the GoPro camera with the included GoPro 7 mount.

My Review: GEPRC CineRun HD3 CineWhoop with GoPro 8 (DE with EN subtitles)
GEPRC CineRun HD3 CineWhoop mit GoPro 8 (4 min 34 sec)

Light Cinematic Whoop
can carry a GoPro Hero 6,7,8
- included GoPro 6,7 Mount
- good motors 1404
- DJI Air Unit with 1080p DVR
- durable prop guard
- F7
- bidirectional BLHeli_32 ESC's 35A

- nothing

The flight time is aprox. 3 minutes with 850mah LiPo. If you only need a 3inch professional cinematic whoop for GoPro7 or 8 the best choice is the Diatone MXC Taycan
or iFlight BumbleBee. Both are optimized for carrying a GoPro and are more durable with the big ducts with foam. But for me is the GepRC CineRun the best because the HD Video from DJI system is good enough for me. And I can freestyle flying with the CineRun HD3. And when I need 4K quality video I can make it with the GoPro8 on my CineRun too. Diatone Taycan or iFlight BumbleBee are terrible, to heavy for acro freestyle with the big ducts. If you have a freestyle drone and you use only GoPro Hero for professional video then take a drone with ducts

Diatone MXC Taycan - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mDmmAaZ0av
iFlight BumbleBee DJI...Continue Reading
Posted by kopterheld | Jan 22, 2020 @ 09:36 AM | 10,898 Views
FatShark Dominator HDO 2
408,64€ - $455 - 9% Coupon: 2020cNy - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/KmGKeeY4pN
9% Coupon: 2020cNy gilt auf alles auch FPV Sachen.
Fatshark HDO2 with new 1280x960 (4: 3) OLED displays and 46 degrees FOV. The best FPV goggles on the market
Banggood guarantees duty-free shipping via Priority Direct Mail or EU Priority Line

Video - FatShark Dominator HDO 2 TBS Fusion RapidFiRE and antennas DE (EN subtitle)
FatShark Dominator HDO 2 TBS Fusion RapidFiRE Module Antennen (7 min 44 sec)

Pic 1 - Fatshark HDO 2 delivered from Banggood

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Posted by kopterheld | Jan 19, 2020 @ 08:55 AM | 9,575 Views
Eachine EMAX EAT03 RC Car
Coupon: BGEachineFPV - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/vmDGQKe3AR
77€ - with FPV goggles
EMAX EAT03 is a small RC car with FPV camera and remote control. Great toys for every young RC beginner. Identical to the EMAX Interceptor RC car.

The red EMAX Interceptor RC car is identical with the blue Eachine EAT03
Coupon: BGEMAXRC - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/mKvmQ0Ptop
Coupon2: 5ca607

Video - EMAX Interceptor Eachine EAT03 FPV RC Car (DE) (EN subtitle)
EMAX Interceptor Eachine EAT03 FPV RC Auto (3 min 23 sec)

It is really fun to drive around the apartment by car. Since the car is very small, it can get through almost any small gap. The perspective is funny as if you were a little mouse running through the apartment. Behind thicker walls, the video reception is worse, so a better antenna may help. A great FPV car that I can recommend to everyone.
And as I said, the difference between Eachine EAT03 and Emax Intereptor is only the color blue instead of red.

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