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Posted by Aldozer | Nov 04, 2017 @ 02:04 AM | 1,925 Views
I am new to rc groups, but have been flying for 15 years. I thought posting this would be interesting and maybe help others out when it comes to painting carbon z aircraft. I purchased this cub 1 year ago and just like everyone else, had the BEC go out on me resulting in a crash where the top part of the canopy was ripped from the fuselage. I was going to send it back to Horizon but figured, why not try to fix it seeing that I knew better than to fly it with the lackluster BEC/ESC that it comes with in the BNF version. So I started with piecing it back together using CA and carbon rods. Once I had the shape close to what it used to be I used, believe it or not, a automotive primer from Sherwin Williams Automotive paints that is a hi-build surfacer primer used to fill when priming. It comes in an aerosol and did it ever fill any voids I missed. After letting the primer dry, I block sanded the entire fuselage starting with 220 grit and eventually down to 600 grit. The surface of the fuselage looked like a composite airframe when I was finished and best of all, it barely added 2/3rds of an ounce in weight. When the surface of the fuselage was perfect, I used another automotive coating for the base colors. The red and they grey are Deltron DBC auto paints that I applied with and 1.4 HVLP cup gun. Really thin coats until it came to color. 4 coats of both grey and red. To add some detail I used the same product, Deltron DBC black and highlighted some details with my airbrush. Pinstriped it with automotive pinstriping and finally sprayed (2) coats of Omni 2/part automotive clear coat. The fuselage is done and am currently working on finishing both wings and struts. I am anticipating having this fun project finished by the end of November and will post more pictures along with video.