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Posted by Watageek | Jan 16, 2018 @ 06:45 PM | 3,406 Views
I have not tried to remove the notch filter on the F1 FC, since the Dynamic filter feature is not supported on F1.

Assuming there is relatively low/no noise in blackbox log, would it give any benefit (less latency obviously) that will outweight the possibility of burning motor.

Just asking

Anyone have thoughts/ experiences to share

Edit:I did my own test. It really correlates the general information spread on the filter behavior. The less I filter the noisier the gyro traces gets.
There is no methodology involved here. The blackbox are not the same time lengt, not the same batterie voltage and I was hovering into the garage. On the first notch removed I felt the quad less locked in but more responsive, really nervous and a bit jittery with the turbulence.
Removal of all filter degraded the flight behavior. This is a tuned quad(by me), I didn't mess with PIDs on test and the Scale for the graph is:
Graph setting :
0% smooth
100% expo
1000% zoom

10% Zoom

The machine is nothing fancy.

My daily driver:
A clone of ZMR250
2204-2500kv ( 2300 rewinded with 26awg) max400g on static thrust 12v 5040 biblade, two motor with scavenged 2205 stator (horror story with previous Dterm lowpass frequency-Dterm notch filter misunderstanding).
SN16A esc
3S 1500mAH
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Posted by Watageek | May 13, 2017 @ 05:02 PM | 4,157 Views
I bought a kit, Red in colour. I don't know why but they are cheaper... (edit: Now I know...)

The bearing doesn't have any brand stamped on it and is easily removable, no retaining compound.
The stator wheel (22mm X 5mm) was held in place on the housing with a red or yellow "loctite compound".
The housing have a knurling on stator wheel contact base.
They have 12 Turn on each and 32 in. per phase with a 4 strand 31AWG (0.226mm), with the drill test result is 2500 Kv.

They are conventional NXX permanent magnet. 180F equiv. 80C

on top of it they have send a motor with a magnet that was thinner (and appear to be sanded or filed )than the 13 other. What the f$!%?...

the other motor was spinning at 80% and the defective one 100%.

viva la blackbox

Rewind of a
2205 BR2205 racerstar

original was roughly 2500 on the 3 phase. 12 turn...Continue Reading
Posted by Watageek | Apr 12, 2017 @ 09:17 AM | 5,396 Views
Sadly I manage to burn two Redcon receiver. They are cheap and break easely. Because I always plug the battery backward...

Doing the verfication @3.3v with the power supply, to check if the chip was still good and worth the hastle of repair. I had the idea to use a 99cents BEC and stick it on the back of the receiver. I was saving them for a case like this one...

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