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Posted by bob_suruncle | Oct 20, 2008 @ 01:22 PM | 3,596 Views
Had a great time at I-Hobby this year! Some cool new products coming out including the following:

New Hobbyzone mini supercub

Triton EQ charger

Triton 2 EQ charger

Bantam BC8DX... couldnt find a link for this one

New Common Sense RC foam planes

New Common Sense RC balsa and coat T-34 park sized ...VERY nice... no link on their site as yet

KMP announced that they are doing a revised version of their electric beaver that will have more scale additions

And an announcement that someone... NOT GWS is coming out with a 1/12 very scale foam beaver which will have flaps, corrugations on the surfaces and will be available in ARF and RTF.

Dumas showed a couple of new kits that have great promise for the electric crowd.
Traxxas announce their new combo EP monster truck/rock crawler called the Summit... very cool features!! such as Remote locking front and rear diffs, 10 LED lighting system, and selectable 70:1 Low range and 25:1 high range remotely from the transmitter!

Lastly I am left wondering why I dont promote SIG airplanes more often... think its time to start stocking their stuff as its VERY nice

Lots more but this is what grabbed my attention!!
Posted by bob_suruncle | Oct 16, 2008 @ 09:59 AM | 3,739 Views
Well we arrived last night around 2:00am our time or 1:00 Chicago time..... over 8 hours on the road with a half hour wait at the border.... just about to head out for breakfast and then its off to the show. If I had been smart I would have brought my cable and given live updates daily with pictures.... but I am not smart
Posted by bob_suruncle | Mar 11, 2008 @ 08:21 PM | 3,755 Views
A fellow member of the groups pointed out that a very important link is missing from my Blog.... the beaver builder site!!

So here it is for all to share
Posted by bob_suruncle | Feb 20, 2008 @ 02:45 PM | 4,427 Views
If someone came out with a 1/12 scale (48" span) all foam beaver what would you prefer:
Posted by bob_suruncle | Dec 08, 2006 @ 02:00 PM | 5,036 Views
Its Friday and the day is half over so I should be in a good mood; done work at 3 today.... BUT!! I havent flown a plane in nearly 2 weeks... why you ask? Well I am one of those that flies electric parkflyers and its windy as all get out and cold to boot......
Let me tell you about the pitfalls of parkflying:

PITFALL #1 Soccer players

Summertime its warm and the days are long you pack up your favourite planes and head out for a couple of hours of flight time before the sun sets. You drive around the corner to your favourite field, the wind is so gentle the flags arent moving and then you see them...... about 80 kids running around in shorts kicking black and white balls around so you hang around for a bit.... they are all little gaffers so they can't play too late right??... look they are heading off the field now.... and DOH the teenage girl league is running onto the field now.... okay okay I know its a soccer field and they pay to play... so I go home and hope they are gone before sunset... sun is barely peaking over the Horizon as I get back to the park and you guessed it they are still playing... and now its too dark to go to my secondary location which is a 15 minute drive out into the country. This scene plays itself out day after day until that wonderful time of the year.... WHEN SCHOOL STARTS!!!! kids are back in school so no soccer right!!! WRONG locally not enough fields to service all our up and coming Pele's so they play well in to September...
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Posted by bob_suruncle | Nov 14, 2006 @ 04:37 PM | 5,147 Views
Its funny how no matter how well people know you if they met you on the web then they invariably call you by your username. Not too long ago I had to call someone who I know from the board and I said Hi its Dave.... there was stunned confusion on the other end.... then I said Bob from RC groups and it was OOOHHH Hi Bob!! Well I think its time for me to change my Avatar to represent all Bobdom... so without further adieau (did I spell that right?) here are my Avatar options.... okay well maybe a little bit of adieu... or is that dieu dieu? Now you are probably asking yourself why is he showing us his options for a new avatar? why on earth did superman decide to wear tights? and why didnt someone realize that huge wooden horse was full of Greeks anyway??! Well I cant help you on the last 2 but on the first one its simply that I value your opinions. A new avatar is like changing underwear brands... you need something that fits right and doesnt ride up, pinch or chaff.... well an Avatar must fit just as well. The old Yellow beaver was an easy fix when I didnt have one but now its time for something that really is Bobalicious. The nominees are:

Oh yes and please feel free to submit your own personal selections for a Bob Avatar! Winners will recieve absolutely Nothing!!!!
Posted by bob_suruncle | Nov 03, 2006 @ 03:57 PM | 5,168 Views
Many of you know that I am involved in a family owned hobby shop. We are about to move to a new single source for our Lipo's so we are moving out what is left of our mix and match stock of Lipo batteries. If you are interested in anything on the list just PM me. NOTE: If you want the price in US dollars just divide the Canadian price by 1.13... that means a $29.95 Canadian battery is $26.50 US

Batteries chargers and prices can be found here:

I dont reallly like to promote the store here on the groups as we are really focusing on being a "Local" hobby shop and as such we really dont try to sell outside of our little area in Paris Ontario... but I do want to let you guys in on this if you are interested

Just PM me if you see something you want. We can do paypal or credit card over the phone.

aka Bob_Suruncle
Posted by bob_suruncle | Sep 28, 2006 @ 05:22 PM | 5,284 Views
I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion.... I just wish they tried to educate themselves before voicing them. Boy thats a mouthful eh? what am I on about? Well call me a good samaritan but I like to read the beginers forum and offer assistance where I can. I dont reply to every thread just the ones where I feel my limited knowledge will allow me to offer some real insight. What ticks me off:

A. people asking the same question over and over again when the answer is in a sticky at the top of the page or was answered in the last 152 posts.... whats the best first plane to buy? AAAARRRRRGHHH!

B. people who ask for advice and then comletely ignore it:
Post 1 what should I buy for a first plane
post 2 from the same person: So I just got my first plane and its a Ripmax Spitfire
Post 3 Hey this Ripmax spit is a piece of junk it wont even fly..... again AAAARRRRGH!

C. People who dont have a clue but try to offer advice anyway: Dewd! you shd by a Ripmax spit fer yer first plane! its awsum!!

D. Newb asks a question and you respond with appropriate advice then someone else comes along and responds to your good advice saying the exact opposite of what you have just said even though they have no idea what they are talking about (or they are only 12 years old): I refer back to my example in C. or Hey some good options for a first plane would be the Hobbyzone supercub, Aerobird Challenger or a slow stick..... naw I got a ______(insert ridiculous 3d...Continue Reading
Posted by bob_suruncle | Aug 05, 2006 @ 04:27 PM | 6,987 Views
Well I have finally started what I keep telling everyone I was going to do.... The GWS Beaver Build site is finally under construction.

I only have 2 pages up so far (the main page and the wings page)

You will notice I have borrowed from not only my own build experience but also many of yours here on the groups and more specifically from the "latest Canadian Beaver threads that had their humble beginings here:

Where I can I try to give credit where its due and hope that the members of RC Groups will review my work and look for obvious errors or discrepencies. I would welcome assistance by way of build information and/or specific directions on how to complete basic build tasks and or modifications. The GWS beaver and the "Canadas Latest Beaver" thread are the main reason I fly RC aircraft and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this thread as well as others for their inspiration, education, humour and knowledge. I hope I can honour all of you, and RC Groups "Canadas Latest Beaver"
thanks everyone!

Posted by bob_suruncle | May 25, 2006 @ 04:02 PM | 5,634 Views
So I keep getting PM's and emails saying: "Hi Bob" or "Bob can you" or "Bob dude whats up?"..........................

Who the heck is Bob anyway???? my name is Dave! .... oh wait I get it my username throws people off.... I guess its better than Dangerboy and everyone calling me "danger" all the time... yup thats what they used to call me but there were too many kids around calling themselves DangerBoy so I gave that one up.... besides it sounded a little goofy for a thirty something year old guy married with 2 kids to go around calling himself DangerBoy.

Bob_suruncle actually was a last ditch attempt at finding an unused username for hotmail a few years back... you know when you choose your username and it says DangerBoy is already in use please choose one of the followiing:

So I threw Bob_suruncle at it and low and behold it wasnt in use yet.... only downside is that everyone now calls me Bob which gets a little old after a while.
Posted by bob_suruncle | May 16, 2006 @ 12:46 PM | 6,082 Views
Well I made out like a thief for my Birthday this year... doesnt hurt to list what you want in an email to all interested parties either . Also doesnt hurt when the family owns a hobby shop:

GWS Pico Tiger Moth
Pico TM flight pack
Castle creations Phoenix 25 for my Beaver brushless upgrade
3 new eflite servos
a Tamiya Grasshopper expert built
GWS foam floats for beaver #2

Yes I know I am spoiled. Its been too windy to fly for almost a week now but the grasshopper doesnt care about wind.... Always thought surface RC was kind of blah.... until I got the grasshopper all covered in mud Great fun and you dont have to worry about crashing either ... well most of the time anyway.
Posted by bob_suruncle | May 13, 2006 @ 12:38 AM | 5,931 Views
Well I sat down for a few minutes tonight and came up with a basic template for the beaver build/ mod/ repair pages.... its just a draft but I like where its going. Give me your thoughts... I think the big thing I need to think out is the categories for the buttons on the side but give me some input as to what you think; the template is hosted here until I decide whether to host it on our hobby shops site or buy my own domain:
Posted by bob_suruncle | May 11, 2006 @ 04:56 PM | 5,780 Views
Wow! Its taken a lot of reading and wiping my eye from laughing so hard at Poudre Derf's posts.... great humour and all sorts of wisdom as well.... but I am now up to date on reading all posts in the Canada's Latest Beaver Thread. I am now editing and organizing content that I have gleaned both here in the forums as well as elsewhere on the web and hopefully will be able to make some progress on an actual GWS Beaver site in the next few weeks

By the way the latest CLB (Canada's Latest Beaver) thread is here if you didnt know already:

Grejen has given me one idea for a domain any others care to voice an opinion?

Oh and just an official thankyou to all the guys who post and ask questions on CLB. Whether you are asking questions or answering them it all helps everyone learn more about this awesome little bird with the funky buck teeth!
Posted by bob_suruncle | May 02, 2006 @ 04:11 PM | 6,466 Views
Beavers .... the planes for those of you whose minds are in the gutter.... are addictive! A friend recommended the Beaver as a good starter and a first build so off I went to RC groups and the rest is history. While building I started at thread #1 of the Canada's Latest Beaver threads (thanks Greg for pointing out my error) and I am now on thread #5 of what is it now... 11 or 12??? and have to say there is a ton of information gathered there... but there are tons of other discussions to wade through as well so I was thinking maybe with my limited web skill just maybe I could not only chronicle my build with its successes and miserable failures but also all the information that I have been compiling as I read through the GCB threads. hmmmmm now to start organizing my thoughts and think about a format.... simple weblog... or maybe a stand-alone site! How about a database.... maybe with a user login function allowing others to add their technical expertise and really make it worthwhile..... hmmm maybe even a GCB club! We could have fly ins, bbq's, open our own flying field here in Ontario... why not flying fields across North America for Beaver lovers... we could start a petition to Mr. Chen to give us a more scale wing! Plot to have a Beaver in ever home in Canada.... in the North America .... NO THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! BWAAAAHAAAHAAAHAAAAA okay so lets not get carried away. Have to do some cerebrating on this but I think a chronicle of my build plus the compilation of some of the GCB thread knowledge in one place is a worthwhile cause.... and I do kind of like the idea of a database that would allow others to list their ideas as well in an easily searchable indexed format.