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Posted by BMtech | Oct 10, 2010 @ 05:30 AM | 4,538 Views

After 2 1/2 hrs it was becoming apparent that the fuel use was very low even with the trailer, we were travelling at the speed limit for this road 100kph & the engine was performing well & I was starting to get used to the shifter.

We stopped for late lunch & coffee at the golden arches in Muswellbrook, back on the road next stop Manilla!, we were eating up the kms at about 90km average & it was time to turn the lights on ,its fitted with Zenon low beams with washers & halogen high beams which give a board range & spread not wanting for more light even on the country roads, the interior lighting is very good with the blue dash lighting not giving any glare at all & the radio reception is adequate, the in dash 6 stack CD was now blasting out some tunes from the 10 speakers around the car, it was the 70ís/80ís much to the disgust of the 16 year olds in the back!!!, It's also fitted with an AUX in for you IPod for the young set, with the ambient temp dropping & the night air there is a defiant power increase, now we where travelling along above the speed limit & overtaking was very easy, the handling was very good with the trailer on the back even at speed. I had to keep looking to remind myself I was towing!!!

We had arrived at the pub in Manilla where we were staying for the next 4 days for the Slope fest after 5 Ĺ hrs on the road & about 500kms, I stepped from the car with a grin on my face & not even a stiff back or a...Continue Reading
Posted by BMtech | Oct 01, 2010 @ 06:43 AM | 4,846 Views
OK you have to remember that this car is brand new & we have it loaded up & the trailer!!!

I have just remembered I have only driven the car with the trailer on it, Its just a shot drive to the Putty rd from Glennís place then the trip can start in earnest, the clutch is typically light, smooth & take up is close to the floor, the car only comes in a 6 speed manual & ill go into that a bit later
On moving away in 1st you need just a touch of revs to move off & the torque is there form as little as 1300rpm & the change to 2nd at 2500 is stiff but positive, getting up to speed is very easy with max torque at around 2800/3000 rpm the red line is at 4500 but you donít need to go there!
Now on the Putty rd its time to wind it up to travailing speeds soon you find out how much torque there is in these new 4th gen euro comply ant type diesels, its fitted with a self regenerating particulate filter, cat converter & a large top mount intercooler with bonnet scoop, over all at speed the car has very little wind noise & is riding the bumpy rd with out much fuss, the steering is direct & gives a good amount of road feel , its fitted with 17íí Yokohama soft roader type 4x4 tyres & there are 5 as it has a full size spare in the boot area under all our gear, I set them at the higher pressure setting on the tyre placard (260f kpa/280r kpa)for the trip
Now travelling at 100kph indicated in 5th gear you are at wait for it 2000 rpm & it will...Continue Reading