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Posted by BMtech | Sep 29, 2010 @ 05:06 AM | 4,988 Views
We picked up the new Subaru Forester (Diesel) on the Tuesday before going to Manilla & I was undecided to take it or not , it only had 120km on it Wednesday morning

Any way I started packing it up with all the gear & the boot space is quite large ,I fitted in our small fridge ,radio bag ,pillows ( must have own pillow in hotel) & 3 cloth bags ,esky bag with food & jackets plus all the rest of the SH##T you take away for a week

The trailer does double duty for us as we normally take it to dog shows with 4/5 cocker spaniels & an easy shade in the trailer, this time its full of planes & kits for the fest,we dropped in at Glenn's place to load up the rest of the gear & pick up his son Luke

The two boys in the back seats had plenty of leg room & with the adjustable seat backs could get comfortable, the center storage/arm rest got a work out with Ipods /phones & there are 2 cup holders as well

In the front the driver seat is electric in all directions while the passenger is mechanical,Anna my wife will use the car the most so is not to fussed about that,the seating is firm & well supported in the right places, the dash lay out is very Subaru without all of the bells & whistles of some Koren manufactures (we did look at them as well but decided on the Sub as we have an older Outback)

This is a turbo boxer diesel , so this would be a good test for it,I drive a lot of different cars with my work both petrol & diesel so I'm very familiar with their workings & performance plus nearly 40 years in the auto industry & the last 22 with BMW, the direct high pressure injection with pizo injectors starts & runs form cold with some typical noise but this soon becomes quite & the engine noise in the cab is just a low rumble

Will ad more later
Posted by BMtech | Sep 28, 2010 @ 06:06 PM | 6,178 Views
this will be finished for Manilla next year but thats what I said last year

Have done some more on the wings of the Avalanche today ,added balsa in the ribs where they will be cut for the Elevons & at the root & tip as well.

The spruce LE has been added & sanded to shape using the ribs as a guide

The rounded tips have been done with epoxy putty ,the foam was cut off & 5 minute epoxy was wiped on then the putty was formed when dry, I have found the putty does not stick to the foam well ,so the 5 min epoxy gives it something to stick to ,then sanded to shape.