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Posted by mcg | Dec 21, 2014 @ 07:49 PM | 5,014 Views
The following is an account, translated into English from Italian sources, of the 1922 Schneider Cup race. The race was held in the Bay of Naples. The primary source is a 1983 book by Igino Coggi on the MC-72 and the Schneider Cup. Supplementary sources include an account of the S.I.A.I aircraft company in the interwar years. Michael

A Schneider under the slopes of Vesuvius

Italy won the Schneider Cup races in 1920 and 192I and was thus named as the organizer, under the rules, of the 1922 race. It was decided to hold the race in Naples. The Italians hoped to retire, with a third victory, the flashy trophy put into play nine years earlier by Jacques Schneider.

Instead, however, and for a second time, the trophy went to Britain, thanks to
Henry Biard and his little Supermarine flying boat.

"Actually that race was a lesson for us," would write in 1927 the Italian aeronautical journalist Jotti Da Badia Polesine, "We had (simply) continued in the footsteps traced in previous years, while the technicians in England, who understood the priorities and the true essence of the race, came down (to Naples) prepared to win."

A harsh judgment, and one suggested earlier by some other observers, but the last word belongs to Jotti: "The English waited three years before entering a new machine in the race, and (what had seemed to us) their lack of interest masked their intensive preparatory work. It paid off."

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