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Posted by RCMindBug | Jun 14, 2018 @ 08:26 PM | 4,581 Views
Hello all,
I bought the parts for my first quad in December of 2016/Early 2017. Since then I have bought and built 7 or 8 other 5" mini quads. I probably have the parts to fully build maybe 2 or 3 others. Up until my vacation of a lifetime, I had no crash that completely destroyed a quad, no lost quad that couldn't be found, and no problems that kept any of them out of the air.
Good Luck?
Maybe so, or maybe, all my bad luck was being stored, wanting to bust out during my first vacation in over 10 years. My buddy has a boat in the Caribbean, and he needed to sail it down south away from the hurricane alley. Well, I did what any other good buddy would do, and invited myself to his vacation of sailing in the Caribbean. Two things I have never done, been to the Caribbean, and sail! So naturally getting to do both is something I never saw in my future! The plan was to fly into St. Kitts, sail from island to island, and fly home from St. Lucia. My buddy would then continue down to Grenada.
Well, being the big drone nerd that I am, you know I was going to bring some quads to fly these beautiful beaches, islands, and water. I brought more than one with me thinking that one would touch the ocean at some point. I just didn't think that Point would be day 1 of the trip, and let alone the beginning of the end of my vacation!!!
We got to St. Kitts on Saturday night. The plan was to hang out Sunday on the island and splash the boat on Monday. Well, the first...Continue Reading
Posted by RCMindBug | Jan 10, 2018 @ 09:32 PM | 4,902 Views
I'm still flying my QAV 250 with a BrainFPV RE1 FC, mPB, pushing DYS esc and motors. This thing hits the earth weekly. The only thing to break to this point are props, one AXII antenna, lost a RunCam lens and broke the Runcam Eagle's case. I only get to fly about once every 10 days or so.

As far as FPV systems, I'm pretty much only TBS Unify's with RunCam FPV cameras. Although I do have a build waiting for me that will use the Matek stack. FC, PDB, vTX. I feel I'm turning into an Antenna diva. Manufacture, or type you name it, I have a pair. Because I just hate crappy video and I still deal with video not being good all the time. I have no plans to be a racer, but I'm really really looking at the ClearView. If I had the cash today, I would own one for sure!

The other day I was flying LOS at the beach, and went Full Throttled right into the earth! Thinking I was right side up. Well, of course, my motors were caked with sand and stopped my day of flying. So I gave this baby a once over and cleaned everything out. I can't believe how hard it was to separate the bells from the bottoms. I still don't believe it's just magnets holding it together. I'm not a small guy, but these little motors took me for a ride. Here is a photo of her all cleaned up, only to get trashed today!

What do you do about bad video?!?! At some point, I chopped one of the XSR antennas and found that was the source of my video problems for 2 or 3 flying sessions. After I replaced the antenna on the XSR. Life was back to better. Be still have every other session robbed because of crappy video! I hate's it!

Better video, better life!
Nick EarthBounceFPV
Posted by RCMindBug | Dec 16, 2016 @ 04:18 AM | 5,488 Views
I just got my Taranis +, and still trying to learn how to set it up. Wow, what a TX. I started in the air with a DX8, and started flying (learning really) with small copters. Blades mostly. Then about 3 Christmases ago someone robbed my garage and pretty much got all my air gear. All Heli's, the DX8, Tools, 4 surface RCs (nitro Trucks and buggies), and much more...

At that time I was just getting started in the air, using the simulator and small helis'. Well, that crap pretty much put the brakes on the whole damn thing. A few months after that I bought a DX9 to start the training again and just lost my interest. The DX9 saw light once! I just lost all motivation after the robbery and this RC game does this to me from time to time.

Well, I was on travel and could not fall asleep. Channel surfing TV, and came across DRL... LORD!!! Instant infatuation, and I'm knee deep trying to get a mini drone built.

So far I got a QAV 250, and a 5" Alien on the way. I just trying to fall in love for a Flight Controller of my dreams. Just feel so uneducated.

Anyone have a suggestion on Sim for quad flyin?

Stay cool, work hard, and play harder. Take Care,