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Posted by RCMindBug | Jan 10, 2018 @ 08:32 PM | 1,567 Views
I'm still flying my QAV 250 with a BrainFPV RE1 FC, mPB, pushing DYS esc and motors. This thing hits the earth weekly. The only thing to break to this point are props, one AXII antenna, lost a RunCam lens and broke the Runcam Eagle's case. I only get to fly about once every 10 days or so.

As far as FPV systems, I'm pretty much only TBS Unify's with RunCam FPV cameras. Although I do have a build waiting for me that will use the Matek stack. FC, PDB, vTX. I feel I'm turning into an Antenna diva. Manufacture, or type you name it, I have a pair. Because I just hate crappy video and I still deal with video not being good all the time. I have no plans to be a racer, but I'm really really looking at the ClearView. If I had the cash today, I would own one for sure!

The other day I was flying LOS at the beach, and went Full Throttled right into the earth! Thinking I was right side up. Well, of course, my motors were caked with sand and stopped my day of flying. So I gave this baby a once over and cleaned everything out. I can't believe how hard it was to separate the bells from the bottoms. I still don't believe it's just magnets holding it together. I'm not a small guy, but these little motors took me for a ride. Here is a photo of her all cleaned up, only to get trashed today!

What do you do about bad video?!?! At some point, I chopped one of the XSR antennas and found that was the source of my video problems for 2 or 3 flying sessions. After I replaced the antenna on the XSR. Life was back to better. Be still have every other session robbed because of crappy video! I hate's it!

Better video, better life!
Nick EarthBounceFPV
Posted by RCMindBug | Dec 16, 2016 @ 03:18 AM | 2,173 Views
I just got my Taranis +, and still trying to learn how to set it up. Wow, what a TX. I started in the air with a DX8, and started flying (learning really) with small copters. Blades mostly. Then about 3 Christmases ago someone robbed my garage and pretty much got all my air gear. All Heli's, the DX8, Tools, 4 surface RCs (nitro Trucks and buggies), and much more...

At that time I was just getting started in the air, using the simulator and small helis'. Well, that crap pretty much put the brakes on the whole damn thing. A few months after that I bought a DX9 to start the training again and just lost my interest. The DX9 saw light once! I just lost all motivation after the robbery and this RC game does this to me from time to time.

Well, I was on travel and could not fall asleep. Channel surfing TV, and came across DRL... LORD!!! Instant infatuation, and I'm knee deep trying to get a mini drone built.

So far I got a QAV 250, and a 5" Alien on the way. I just trying to fall in love for a Flight Controller of my dreams. Just feel so uneducated.

Anyone have a suggestion on Sim for quad flyin?

Stay cool, work hard, and play harder. Take Care,