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Posted by Chief High Horse | May 20, 2009 @ 10:19 PM | 3,942 Views
Let me start by saying that this is the first time I have been back on this site in weeks.

My standing;
I currently owe build service to several other groupers. I have owed them this service for several months now. I had promised that the last of these builds would be completed by March3rd, and did not make the time line. I am going to make things right by those involved.

My offer to them is as follows;

For Mark Wood:I have sent planes to the Fermin fun fly tomorrow, I am offering him his choice between two planes I have completed. I will also complete his build and return the plane to him at no further charge.

For atjurhs and JP-Soar; I have started but not completed their kits. I will finish their builds and ship at no further charge. I will also be including an apology gift in each box.

For SEED-E-FLYER I have not started his kits and I will be refunding payment, and return shipping at no charge. There is more than enough room in this shipping package to slip something nice in.

For sl33pdirt - if I can sell a few things at the PSS FEST I will be sending you a FULL monetary refund as well.

I will also cover the costs to insure these packages.

EXCUSSES are like armpits, most people have at least two, and they usually stink;

Many of you know me personally, and have heard some of my current situation. I'm going to write the long and short versions here on this blog before I return to the slope forum. I also want it recorded that I am going to...Continue Reading