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Posted by Pete ulibarri | Feb 14, 2018 @ 01:37 AM | 3,537 Views
Hello folks,
These are a few micro dlg models thad I started making for fun. Ive tried to make them as realistic as possible with shaped airfoils and near accurate fuses. My graphics are not perfect, but they have been fun projects to work on. Its been discovered that they fly a little if you add nose weight to balance, however they are fragile so I do not recommend throwing them
Ive been making them here and there for others, to model their personal planes. They take a little time to create each one, so Im starting to get a list of orders to fill. If you reach out, I'll answer as soon as I'm able, I'll keep making them for a wile as Ive been saving the funds from making these to get myself a new dlg, currently my eye is set on the concept x5. Takes a lot of micros to get one of those! I make them as I have time, some weeks are busier than others, so it takes a week or to to get them out sometimes. I happy to see that they are being enjoyed!...Continue Reading
Posted by Pete ulibarri | Jul 30, 2017 @ 08:45 PM | 5,163 Views
I thought Id get the ball rolling on a build I did of the 1M Hawk DLG that Nikoli Gorban is selling from the Ukraine. I bought the it from a fellow who purchased this kit and several items from Nikoli.
I didn't take pictures during the build, but I'd like to share what I did, what I did wrong/right, and learn from others on what may work better.
Getting Info is a little difficult as Nikoli does not speak much english. I messaged him via Facebook a few times and did get some basic info from him.
Here is what I have as of now.

Airframe kit weight: 86gr
(Fuse, wings, elevator, and rudder with control horns attached)

3 dymond 47 2 for flaperons, 1 for elevator
1 Hitec HS-35HD for the rudder.

Receiver: Spektrum Ar6100E

Battery: Venom 1s 250mah

CG: 55mm

AUW: 132g

Im using the Hitec servo in place of another dymond, because I was doing QT's and dropped the plane on the tail which broke the servo gears(didn't have any damage to the tail!)
The fuse is super small and not much else will fit in there. the hitter is .5gr lighter than the D47 but has about 1/2 the torque.
If there is something smaller with decant torque that will fit in this airframe Id like to know.
I built the servos into a "brick" similar to what is shown in one of the build threads for the 1M strike2. I used Kapton tape and a small amount of shoe goo to hold the servos to the small fiberglass plate that came with the kit, then glued the brick into the fuse...Continue Reading