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Posted by JosephS. | Oct 20, 2017 @ 11:50 AM | 2,132 Views
Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. I am interested in becoming an engineer or have a small business with something to do drones. I am more interested in planes then quadcopters actually, I just think that they are way more fun. I have learned so much from this hobby alone its crazy and surely nothing short of amazing! Learning antenna waves and designs from IBcrazy, scratch building planes from flitetest and getting my first dragon link and autopilot to reach sights I have never seen before has really opened doors for me. I have a few real estate videos to make around my town but I haven't got my part 107 test yet. I also want to sell a well put together video of the beautiful scenery around here. See, we get a lot of tourists around here during the summer and I'm willing to bet they would buy a 20$ thumb drive with a documentary of my town from the air. I mean if you travel to a place you know almost nothing about how cool would it be to have a video like that to take back home and show your friends? I would really appreciate any input on how to make great fpv videos if you happen to be reading this. I will put my first video I made down below.

As of October 2017, my longest flight was 45 minutes and 8 miles away with the 787-8 volantex ranger. I'm sure it can go farther because I haven't landed less than 10.9v acorrding to my arkbird ap. I just recently bought the dominator v3s with a 1.3ghz receiver because even though I live close to my field it's not fun to bring my computer, tripod and plane out every time I fly. Anyways thanks for looking and happy flying!
Beautiful FPV in Alaska (4 min 27 sec)