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Revolectrix GoPACKs - Graphene LiHV Review

You can pick up these packs at PitchRollYaw

YouTube Review Video

If you prefer watching a video review, click here for the YouTube video


We recently received a shipment of Revo 4S LiHV Graphene Lipos (wow that’s a mouth full).
When we were evaluating the products to order for the store, these were our first choice
for batteries. They are the packs that most of the PitchRollYaw folks fly with on a daily
basis and we know how well they perform. Luckily for us the folks from Revolectrix were
nothing but responsive, kind and professional. You might be surprised to learn, but it’s
not always easy to buy the products you want, so we were happy everything worked out.

Size & Weight

The first thing you notice when picking up one of these packs is how small they are
compared to other packs in their mAh class. It's really amazing how Revo is able to do
this. We know from tests we've performed and tests that other community members have
performed, including Joshua Bardwell's Lipo Shootout series on YouTube, that the
packs are accurately labelled.

Revo 1500mAh vs Tattu Racing Series 1550mAh

Revo 1500mAh
  • Weight: 157g
  • Dimensions: 30T * 34W * 72.5L mm

Tattu 1550mAh Racing Series
The manufacturer specs are SO wrong!
  • Weight: 185g
  • Size: 35.5T * 34.7W * 73L mm

Revo 1500mAh vs Tattu 1300mAh

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Posted by PitchRollYaw | Nov 01, 2016 @ 08:07 PM | 3,096 Views

We're happy to announce that our new online retail store https://www.pitchrollyaw.net is open for business!

About Us

PitchRollYaw was started by two Silicon Valley Software Engineers that got bit by the FPV bug
and felt they could provide value to the hobby with excellent new products, sales, service, style,
entertainment and education. We offer the best in multirotor and FPV products, all developed by
or tested and reviewed by members of our team.

What's Next

We've never planned on being just a retail store, our goal has always been product development.
We have a handful of new FPV products we're developing that are in design and prototype phases.
Please follow us on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Medium for future updates.

Grand Opening Sale

To celebrate our grand opening we've put a handful of popular products on sale. No promo code
is needed, just visit the sale link from our main menu or click here https://www.pitchrollyaw.net/sale.
We're not talking about old out-dated products that no one wants either, here is a list of just a
few of the sale items...
  • KISS ESC 24A Race Edition
  • Omnibus F3 Flight Controller (built-in OSD, sd card slot for blackbox and MPU6000 gyro over SPI)
  • Sunrise Cicada 4-in-1 ESC, 30A, BB2 Blheli_S
  • Tornado T2 Motors
  • Brotherhobby / ZMX V3 Blue Top Motors

Grand Opening Live Stream and Giveaways

We're also broadcasting a live stream via Youtube on 11/07. We'll be building a Flynoceros
Orion 133X on stream and giving it away during the broadcast. We'll have multiple giveaways during the
live stream including motor and ESC sets, flight controllers and props. Please join us on 11/07
to celebrate the the grand opening of PitchRollYaw!