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Posted by koko76 | Jul 08, 2006 @ 01:57 AM | 2,632 Views
My current "fleet".
Trex 450, started life as an XL HDE. Now has :
-A carbon SE style frame
-Align metal head except for
-Microheli head block
-Microheli main gear
-3 HS56's for cyclic
-9650/401 for the tail
-Align metal tail
-Medusa 28-32-3400
-CC35 speed control
-R146i reciever
-Park BEC 6V
-Hyperion carbon main blades
-TP2100 and Apex2100 Packs
-Carbon canopy

Mikado Logo 103D
-Hacker A30-8XL motor
-13 Cell 2600 Nimh
-Futaba S3102 servos for cyclic
-Futaba S9253/401 for tail
-CC85HV speed control
-138DP reciever
-Carbon battery support