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Posted by mwhitman | Sep 01, 2007 @ 06:44 PM | 3,730 Views
I'm finally getting around to posting something in my blog. This will be a good place to put photos and descriptions of the planes so I can easily answer the question of "hey, what setup are you using?"

Plane: GWS Slow Stick
Weight: 774g (27 oz)
Motor: Axi 2212/34
ESC: Jeti Advance Plus 18A
Motor Mount: Blue 3.89:1 Gearbox from (but I didn't use the gears; just the aluminum mount).
Battery: Thunderpower 3-cell 2100 mAh
Prop: APC 11x4.7 SF with prop saver
Rx: Hitec Superslim 8 Channel
CG: about 101mm from LE

Wing TE is 260mm from LE of horizontal stab.

Camera Mount: Magpie AP Camera mount from
Landing Gear: Carbon landing gear from
Wheels: MPI Light Foam Wheels 3"

Camera: Pentax Optio A10, Prism switch

-Center seam of wing was epoxied before applying 3M packing tape.
-Tail was reinforced with thin 1/4" carbon tape
-Battery is mounted with velcro straps on opposite side of camera
-I am using an external BEC from to power the Rx.