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Posted by kobkobico | Jun 25, 2009 @ 12:59 PM | 4,302 Views
I really like this plane for the obvious reason that I made it. I got another video of it, in which my little brother played camera man. Yep, that's him narrating the scene! I found my plane actually has a lot more power I initially realized. If I try to go vertical, it slowly tail slides and the torque rolls it, but I am unable to recover. Since I was coming in for close flybys for better shots (we only got one and it was a little far), and the park was small, I pushed the plane to the limit in some turns and gave too much elevator, which is basically how I found out how difficult it is to get out of the vertical hover. This led to a couple crashes and minor repairs, but it's a tough bird and was mostly unharmed. I really enjoy flying it; being the not perfect builder I am it has a couple kinks (nothing major), but in my mind it gives the plane a bit of personality, like the unique "feel" of a car. Feedback appreciated.

Plane Flight II (1 min 10 sec)

Posted by kobkobico | Jun 22, 2009 @ 10:46 AM | 4,316 Views
After many micro RTF, I started getting bored always getting something completely made for me. I thought it was time to move on and make something myself for a change. I have been messing around with planes for over four years now, so I figured I could make something that resembled a plane, and perhaps even flew if I was lucky enough. I managed to do just that with this plane, which can fly surprisingly well! The wing is from a Guilow's Fairchild 24 kit, but the rest is my personal creation. All out weight is kind of on the heavy side. It is just shy of 5 oz with a wingspan of about 24". As such, it's no glider. Cutting the power is a sure way to bring it down, and fast. Otherwise, the small 10 gram brushless gives it more than enough power, and flight time ranges from about 5-7 minutes on a 350 mah battery. It isn't a duration flier, but is good enough for me. Up in the air (no pictures unfortunately, as I've been flying early in the morning solo and can't multitask that way!) it looks very neat, especially in the early morning when just a trickle of light can pass through the wings giving it a ghostly effect. I thought it was going to look like an ugly flying stick... but personally I think it looks cute. But, well, I made it so that's a heck of a bias! In the air, it is quite stable, though it doesn't appreciate the wind too much. Something is up with the way I built it, causing it to yaw to the left with up elevator and to the right with down elevator. Personally I...Continue Reading