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Posted by kobkobico | Aug 20, 2007 @ 11:18 PM | 4,872 Views
What little flying I have done over the years is gone for now, at least for the next two weeks when I just might get a Air Hogs Havoc because waiting for calm days is getting on my nerves. I took the "good 'ol" "reliable" Shun Da Sky Hawk out to the local park after a quick test at home to make sure it worked. After the walk to the park I turn it on and the control surfaces go nice and smoothly (at least for being the plane it is). I try to turn on the motor, and when I press the button on the plane the motor fires into life until I take it off. The motor dies. I repeat. Same thing keeps happening. I was guessing it would never go, but eventually it went and I decided to give it a toss, and at the worst I would ditch it because the plane was half broken anyways. The plane bobbed around a bit stalling, and gave a sharp turn to the right before crashing. I'm thinking there was just a lot of interference there, and I could not do a range test because I went alone. Needless to say, after so many crashes and this not being the first time the plane has given me these problems I am dubbing this plane retired. After a whopping 9 flights (no seriously, I had it for 3 years and only flew it 9 times, and only 5 or so could even be considered flights unlike the previous one which I counted for good measure) the plane is dead.

I suppose some good came of that. First are bragging rights for me to say that I got the Shun Da Sky Hawk to fly for the entire duration of...Continue Reading