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Posted by kobkobico | Apr 29, 2007 @ 10:58 PM | 4,705 Views
I am so mad right now. Stupid hormones are not helping me feel better. My Aero Ace biplane did not work. I waited for 2 weeks for my mom to finally take me to get it. Today had the chance to go to Target so I went in and bought it. Got the last one on the shelf. As if the world is mocking me; everyone else probably got good ones and I get the defective @#%&. Twice in a row, my first Aero Ace did not work either, the motors burnt out after very little flights. So I bring home my Ace and charge her up for a charge cycle. I gave it full throttle and left it for a while (I did the transmitter spring mod) and timed it. It ran for 8:53 and I was pleased. Waited a little for it to cool down and charged it again. It was windy but I flew anyway and it was fun. I was hovering and moving back slowly. Eventually the battery died so I went back in to cool and recharge.

Then I bring it out again and what's this? The left motor is going slower than the right one. It does not stop doing this. The left motor was a little worse than the first all the time but trim fixed it up. Now it barely spins. *Sigh* another weeks wait to replace it at Target...again!

Ah well, I'll live. I cooled down a little, something nice about knowing others don't care much but they still read this.
Posted by kobkobico | Apr 21, 2007 @ 05:51 PM | 4,919 Views
After over a year without a flight (and one "attempted" one that ended up in a tree) I flew the Sky Hawk very nicely for about 8.5 minutes. Last time I got about 11 but I did not have to fight the wind like today, hence a lot more time with the throttle. The flight however was calm and mostly without incident. Notice the mostly. No damage, but two close calls. Here is a flight overview:

The handlaunch went well, and even though the plane is underpowered it quickly climbed up to a decent altitude. Too fast actually, it would not stop porpoising. I had to give it full down trim, and it was still stalling from trying to climb. I just had to keep the down elevator pressed sometimes. Anyways, it responded much better than I remember to controls. Up and down was instant and turning was respectable for a plane of this type. When I started, there was no wind but that soon changed. A rather strong wind came up, and flying into it was extremely satisfying because the Sky Hawk would slow down to a walking pace, and I needed full throttle to get into it. Gliding in it was great too, the plane was almost hovering. Gliding was pretty bad on the Hawk though. It is too heavy and could was going very fast compared to how a normal electric glider would. It was weird, the plane climbs decently, until it hits a point where it cannot climb any higher, and that is probably less than 100 feet high.

It felt like a dream, and I think my dad was secretly impressed. I did have a close...Continue Reading
Posted by kobkobico | Apr 15, 2007 @ 05:27 PM | 4,697 Views
My dad took me to a RocStock event yesterday. It was pretty fun, but the wind picked up at 11 and we had to leave. I flew twice, my Quest Intruder and Estes CC express. (Low power.) The Intruder was on a C6-5, and was spinning to the right on accent, but deployment was at apogee, and decent was fairly good, albeit a little too fast. Second was the CC express on a D12-0 to a D12-5. My dad got a good video of it, and my avatar is currently it lifting up. Very nice flight, straight and high. Deployment was great, and the reusable "wadding" I had bought functioned perfectly. It came down somewhat fast and broke the fin slightly, but at least it did not drift.

Today I did a slight modification to fly my Rock-It on a C engine. Untrustworthy internet simulation predicts 70.6 feet at 30 miles per hour! Another predicts 144.28 feet at 46.93 miles per hour. Slow=good. Somewhere in between I'll assume. Sounds unstable, but fun. I added too much nose weight, it weighs .415 pounds! This may add even more instability. That is why this one flies locally, with my group, don't want some record following me! Can't lose this one!

On a side note, my Shun Da Sky Hawk is fixed! The wing is very strong now, and the rudder has been fixed as well. Something to hold me until I have saved up enough money for a Fling glider.