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Posted by Mk9 | Nov 01, 2017 @ 07:50 AM | 2,005 Views
The Hanger contains (in order of preference!):
3S Polaris - an awesome plane. I will have one of these for as long as my thumbs can twiddle. Thanks WormBoy for alerting me to the design and Steve Schumate for sharing the plans. I have coupled aileron servos for insane maneuvers, well beyond my flying ability!
4S Durafly Mk1a - another awesome plane. The Polaris only pips it because it is more versatile. I cannot say how impressed I am with the Durafly Mk1 - it looks good, flies superbly and I love it. I just need to learn to land it reliably.
3S 3DLabPrint P-38 - a clear PLA print of 'Glacier Girl', the P-38 salvaged from a Greenland Glacier and restored to flying condition. A couple of firsts here: first twin, first 3D Printed aircraft, first jointly owned plane with my son! Flies brilliantly, the guys at 3DLabPrint have done a fantastic job.
3S /4S Dynam Spitfire Mk9 - This was a HK bargain I think circa 2014. My first RC warbird. It had a hard start to life because my flying abilities weren't up to it. It has had some major crashes but just keeps on flying. The landing gear has been raked forward and it's been completely repainted. Have upgraded the ESC to a 70A unit and with 4S it has PLENTY of power for big scale looking maneuvers. It would go vertical oos now but I'd be worried the wings would come off and why would you fly a warbird like that anyway?!
1S Adam Woods T-70 X-wing - His own design using differential thrust and elevons. Looks amazing and is a...Continue Reading