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Posted by pmpjohn | Nov 18, 2012 @ 11:25 AM | 4,199 Views
Having been a member of RCG now for 11 years it is about time to start something here in my blog. I officially retired two years ago after working at a variety of different jobs. Many years were spent working in the hobby biz. From being an RC repair tech at Heathkit, working retail at Riders Hobby Shop in Kalamazoo, MI to being a pattern maker and CNC machine operator at Warehouse Hobbies / Enforcer Manufacturing. Since I was about 7 years old I have been involved in model building of one sort or another.

A few years ago I managed to aquire a Universal Laser Systems XL 12000 laser cutting and engraving machine. Since then I have operated a one man part time biz under the name Dr John's Laser Service. The goal of this company is to provide a series of Park and Micro sized electric RC aircraft that have been fully flight tested into the hobby. I belive there are still model builders out there who would rather take pride in showing up with something they built themselves than just flying another imported BARF. While the availability of cheap ARFs has brought a lot of people into the hobby it skips over one of the most enjoyable aspects of RC, building.

In the future I will be introducing some of the kits I have available here in my blog.Stay tuned.

John Starks
Dr John's Laser Service