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Posted by rcbif | Aug 14, 2016 @ 11:13 AM | 2,087 Views
Was wanting to build a race quad around the same time Flite Fest was coming up, but also wanted to do a wacky project for Flite Fest.
You see all sorts of crazy aircraft at Flite Fest, but I wanted to do something I didnt see there yet....
So I ordered the motors and ESC's for my quadcopter project, but decided to make a pit-stop first with those parts - In the form of a flying Pig.

I purchased the inflatable pigs on ebay along with some LED strips. From there, I took some old tricopter frame parts, and mixed them with my new motors and ESC's for my future quadcopter project.

Though I didnt get to fly it during the day due to the wind, the flying pig was a big hit during the Night flight at Flite Fest, and probably got it's picture taken atleast a hundred times. I was more than happy with the way it glowed, and seeing peoples smiling and laughing about it told me it was mission successful.

When Pigs Fly - R/C Multirotor Pig Night Flight (1 min 6 sec)