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Posted by Azarr | Aug 19, 2012 @ 06:22 AM | 15,058 Views
I purchased one of these because - well, just because. Set it up yesterday on my LUM Pocket Knife XL bipe. A great flying 3D foamy bipe. Simple set up. The unit came with no instructions or connectors. You'll need 3 male-male servo extensions to connect the stabilizer to your receiver.

I immediately ran into a minor head scratcher The unit has two aileron servo outputs labeled Left and Right. However, one of the outputs is reversed which means both servos move in the same direction. Not sure what they were thinking here. There is only one aileron input, if you have a normal two servo aileron setup where the servos are working properly you can't use this. The only way I could get it to work was to use a "Y" harness. Off to Radical RC to pick one up, I haven't seen a "Y" harness since the days of glow engines and 4 channel receivers It looks like there's a pin set that can be used to "flash" the board, hopefully this will eventually be upgradeable.

Other than that the set up was pretty simple. Proper polarity is indicated on the battery slot, but nowhere else. NOTE; Battery input is not required, It is probably there to power the unit when it's flashed.

Flight Report. The unit cannot be switched on/off in flight nor can the gain be adjusted in flight (Hey, it's $15) I found the gain adjustment to be very sensitive, go easy with the screw driver. Once set up, it performed flawlessly. Personally I had a problem initially since I was trying to compensate for the wind myself and so was the unit. Once I figured that out everything was great. It did feel odd to watch it moving without moving the sticks.

I think my choice of a 3D Bipe to evaluate the unit was probably not the best and I wouldn't use it in a 3D plane again. However, in something like a Bixler that would be affected by wing gusts or an FVP plane it would be a good inexpensive choice.

Posted by Azarr | Aug 16, 2012 @ 10:21 AM | 14,537 Views
Attended the Midwest Uke Festival with my new toy. Decided at my age it was time to learn something musical. Had a great time with some interesting people. Just like modelers, they're an eclectic group that travel to events like this, and just like modelers, one is not enough.