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Posted by flyzguy | Jan 11, 2007 @ 09:53 PM | 2,539 Views
The design phase (fall semester) is done and we are returning to CU to build this bird!

I posted videos of our prototype to the videos section, and have a new question thread about vacuum bagging in the composite fabrication forum if you want to share some experience.

Thanks for the interest
Posted by flyzguy | Nov 30, 2006 @ 10:14 PM | 3,074 Views
I am a senior at CU Boulder working on a UAV called the Peregrine Return Vehicle (PRV). It's mission is to be towed aloft to 92,000 ft (edge of space), and then glide autonamously back to terra firma via the Micropilot 2028g autopilot. We will carry a GPS beacon to report the aircraft's position, around 9 pounds of science payloads, and a recovery/emergency chute. We will record the entire journey via DVR. Our design is a flying wing lifting body with elevons only. Our wingspan will be 7 feet. We are constructing the craft from EPP and CF spar reinforcement with "Strategic" glassed surfaces for strength, though most of the airframe will be Ultracote.

This semester is the design phase, next semester is the fabrication and verification phase. This semester, we have constructed a 1/2 scale model dubbed the "Protogrine" (prototype peregrine), and have performed initial flight tests with a bungee launch. Videos Should come soon!