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Posted by P.Rosa | Feb 10, 2018 @ 12:25 PM | 2,650 Views
Hey Everyone!

Just recently, after a fairly minor crash into the ground, I've been having really bad, almost blackout out noise on my FPV feed when i raise the throttle past ~25%. I have 4 330uf 25v Nippon low esr caps on my escs and I was getting pretty clear video with having both camera and vtx getting full voltage. I have also had motor desyncs when doing big throttle pushes, which leads me to believe its an esc or motor noise issue. I'm using old kinkong 2204 motors , DYS DS20a escs, Foxxeer Arrow v2 cam and a TX526. Lowering my I and D values by about 4 points seemed to help a little. Looking at the motors, they seem fine except for a little wear on the bearings on all four.

Any and all responses are much appreciated!!

- Pablo R.