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Posted by KiwiKid | Dec 29, 2008 @ 08:45 PM | 6,449 Views
This is my Bristol Scout built from plans (not by me). I purchased it as a bit of a wreck following an altercation with a fence (first pic), repaired it repainted it and repowered it as an electric with a Mega motor, 75amp Esc and 3300 25C battery. Flies very well and is fully aerobatic (with a bit of a dive to build up energy). A great pleasure to fly and is certainly something a bit different. Will post some flying pics and a vid in due course.

Posted by KiwiKid | Dec 29, 2008 @ 01:11 AM | 6,121 Views
This is my ESM Petrel I purchased new off our local equivalent of Ebay. I got it because I liked the shape and its 2.6m wingspan. Bit of an impulse buy and subsequent investigations revealed it was an overweight fragile discontinued dog with fleas in its stock form. With the help of the good people on RCG I made the following fixes:
*Replaced the 180g steel wing joiner with an 8mm solid cf rod
*Inserted 4mm cf rods into the wings to stop the bad habit of clapping wings at the first sight of thermal turbulence
*Installed a 5mm cf strip on the horizontal stabiliser
*Model came without a motor. It was originally intended to be powered by a brushed motor with very mediocre performance, but I installed a Mega brushless direct drive motor, 50 amp Esc and 3300 mAh 25C 3S lipo which gives it plenty of poop and a 20 minute motor run time. I used the large battery as the weight was needed for balance
*Replaced the stock spinner and prop (which exploded in my face) with an aluminium spinner and carbon folding prop
*Replaced wing securing rubber bands with zip ties
*Added fuselage decals

Now flies very well and is fully aerobatic. Will post some flying pics and a vid in due course.

EDIT 02/09: Got it together to post a vid, here:

Posted by KiwiKid | Dec 10, 2008 @ 07:21 PM | 10,213 Views
These are some build pics of my RNZAF Skyhawk adapted from the excellent GWS TA-4J kit. Various mods were made to the stock set up:

1) Strengthened elevator and recessed elevator servo inside tail fin - vid here:
2) Wings glued to body and supported with cf rod
3) Underside of wing and fuse glassed with servo covers fitted
4) Installed a HET 6914 Fan and HET 2W20 motor powered by 2X 2250mAh 4 cell 25C batteries with a 75 Amp ESC and separate 3 Amp BEC. Produces around 800 watts
5) Fitted jet intake strakes - smoothing airflow to fan and also reducing intake size to match FSA
6) Installed splitter inside fuse to smooth airflow to fan
7) Fitted thrust tube and support ring - 55mm exit diamater
8) Rigged up a flashing dorsal mounted anti-collision light on top of fuse
9) Added two 1/12 scale pilot busts and a second instrument panel
10) TA-4K mods - flattened top of tail, added antenna behind cockpit and a drag chute housing
11) Fitted semi scale undercarriage, refuelling probe, bombs, drop tanks and arrester hook - static display only as they all come off for flight. Built as a hand launched belly lander. A handhold was fitted on the centre line with sandpaper expoxied on for better grip.
12) Decals made for No. 75 Squadron of the RNZAF for TA-4K NZ 6254 as flown during the 70’s with SEA (South East Asia) camo

Hmm, now I see why the blighter took so long to build. Just have two flights on her so far that...Continue Reading