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Posted by KiwiKid | Dec 18, 2006 @ 11:06 PM | 8,961 Views
The latest dent in the bank balance. This model is a shameless knock off of the KingCat turbine, right down to the commonly used colour scheme, but is sure a fun model and is a real blast to fly. Hopped it up a little from the recommended set up with a Multiplex Permax BL-480/4D, Hyperion 2100mah 20/30C battery, Hyperion 50amp ESC and 6 x 5.5 prop. Havenít had a radar gun on it yet, but the same set up on my Stryker takes it to 130 kmh so it should be in that vicinity. Other mods were mainly strengthening to take the extra Gs and the addition of larger wheels and a pilot. Thread and review links are here:

Review and vid:

EDIT 03/09: Vid is here: