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Posted by Sofa King | Jul 24, 2011 @ 11:37 AM | 6,716 Views
this plane went together great.....looks great too....if they were still in stock i would buy another one today!!!!!

sv 26cc engine .... 16x8 prop ...... servoes JR821's

the engine could have used a little more tuning as it didn't seem to run top speed.....a control horn sheared of in the first couple minutes of flight....i could hear a fluttering rattle.....found the aileron horn was broken after landing.....i'm going to put on some new horns and retune the engine.....but even at what seemed 3/4 throttle there was plenty of power for flight

if anyone has one laying around or knows where this model is in stock....please PM me.....i really do want another one!!!