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Posted by Sofa King | Jul 09, 2009 @ 09:38 AM | 9,859 Views
this summer has been either raining or windy...we finally pulled out two days in a row to fly.....

i took a few shots of the soon to be repaired bobcat...i used a OS Max-H 60 and turned the front housing 90 degrees to the side to allow the engine to start in reverse and use a tractor prop instead of a pusher....also rigged up a onboard glow ignighter....12x6 prop...the plane flew GREAT!!!! on its third flight of the day the homemade muffler that came with the engine came off...hit the prop and ended the bobcat with a very hard belly flop....its very repairable and hope to fly it again soon.......

Wayne Leigh made it out to fly his two new scratch built planes he made from mostly scrap balsa !!!...i sure wish i could do as nice a covering job!!!
i dont think he has a name for the yellow model but i think it is fashioned after a Cub....the other is a mustang profile...both flew great.

the redbull 330 so far is my favorite flyer....and the rutan quickie is pulling in second place....i love the rutan canard design...looks great in the air....its running on a OS 46 and a 12x6 prop....its no acrobat but it did pull some nice loops...the 12x6 may be overkill and i have switched to a 11x4 to slow it down a little...not that it was too fast...but it will give me a little more time to enjoy it as it goes by in a low pass ...Continue Reading