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Posted by Sofa King | Apr 30, 2008 @ 09:00 PM | 7,257 Views
here are a few pictures....i dont think i should be allowed to build you can see i made a few changes....moved the wing to the top...redesigned the rudder...and made a few access panels....

the wing is almost done...i went ahead and sheeted the whole wing and glassed the joint....i also went with a 2 servo setup for the ailerons...its still being covered and it should be a couple days before i can post a picture of the whole plane together....

..i think the pin-stripes look great...i'll add a few to the wing as well.

i went with a ASP.46...only because the 2 OS's are in other planes

....a 10x8 master airscrew prop

the kit was missing the tail gear...i ordered that today and some 3" treaded rubber wheels.......