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Posted by MeGrimm | Apr 22, 2007 @ 10:56 AM | 4,042 Views
Welcome to my first blog!

Ever since I read a book on the Whitbread Round The World Yacht Race about 10 years ago I've had a fascination with great ocean voyages. And the more unfavourable the elements, the more fascinating it is! When I was younger some of my most prized pictures were ocean racing yachts in very heavy weather and carrying only a tiny amount of sail area. Probably not so nice to be aboard, but great inspiration for me! I've just discovered Francis Chichester's book on his voyage around the world in 1966/67. That's what I'm talking about! I also love pushing my little Micro Magic hard in overpowered weather conditions. I have a place to get to and I want to get there whatever the weather does.

As I'm not competitive and only passively interested in actually racing model yachts, I enjoy finding other challenges for my own sailing. The most readily available of these is canals. I started a thread about it here:
I thought I'd put my ramblings here too.

There's something really satisfying about going somewhere in particular and pushing the boat to do it too. Often the conditions are far from ideal and the wind very eratic and unpredictable. You can be sailing along nicely downwind and then all of a sudden the wind shifts and you have to tack for a few metres, and then it shifts again and you're reaching, etc, etc. In places all the wind from the whole of London seems to be blowing...Continue Reading