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Posted by WWIFlyin'Ace | Oct 22, 2007 @ 12:35 PM | 2,779 Views
My interest in model aviation started at a young age.
The GREAT WAR in the air is my main interest.
I first flew Estes Model Rockets when I was 9 back in 1973.
My first airplane was a Testers Albatross U-control that I had bought when I was 11.
I bought a Cox P-51 U-control shortly afterwards.
I had wanted the Cox Fokker Triplane or the Cox Sopwith Camel but the only plane the store had in stock for months was the P-51.
Where was the internet then???
I then progressed into the Guillow kits.
Guillow's Sopwith Camel, Spad, Nieuports, SE5, Large STUKA, all were U-control.
My cousin (whom was older) started flying RC in 1975.
He was flying a SIG KADET with an ENYA 35v using a KRAFT radio.
I wanted to fly but couldn't afford it.

I kept up with my U-control untill about 1982.
While I was away in college, a friend of mine owed me some money that he had borrowed and couldn't pay me.
However he did have a COX 2-channel Cessna and a Top Flite P-40 kit.
The Cox was an RTF Foam Cessna.
This was my first RC aircraft.
It crashed and was totaled before the month was over, but I was hooked.
I was building and flying small Balsa planes on and off (not too successfully) from that point on.

It wouldn't be untill 1997 that I officially joind the AMA and joined a local club
and I purchased a used Sig Kadet that was built in 1976 with an ENYA 35v.
In 2001 I switched back to small planes, but now they were electric powered.
I have been flying E-RC since.
Currently, GWS types.
Light, cheap, easyly repaired.