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Posted by Craig Does RC | Apr 02, 2018 @ 06:15 PM | 1,631 Views
Recently there was a big sale on HobbyKing's website that was pretty good for a lot of customers. However, they sold more items than they had in stock and are lying to customers in the USA by saying there are shipping delays due to bad weather and the high volume of orders they have received. I live in Oregon and very close to the HobbyKing US warehouse and there has NOT been any weather bad enough to close the warehouse or delay shipments. Just be honest with customers and they will understand, but just straight up lying and trying to cover up the real problem of employees at HobbyKing being incompetent when it comes to doing their jobs only causes more problems. It also doesn't help things when you have the absolute worst customer service in the RC hobby and the only way to make any progress with customer service is to private message a HobbyKing CS Rep or post a thread on RCG.
Posted by Craig Does RC | Mar 29, 2017 @ 07:28 PM | 994 Views
It all started in the HobbyKing Customer Service thread with Ian(HobbyKing customer service rep) flat out lies to another RCG forum user about prices not changing over at HobbyKing since the website "upgrade" happened. I have marked the comment in question in bold red.

Originally Posted by HobbyKing_Ian
One of the issues on the new site is that out of stock items are not displayed. Hopefully that will be taken care of shortly

Prices have not moved however, your local currency may have.
Having made a lot of purchases from HobbyKing in the past 2 years, I immediately knew he was full of crap because I noticed big price hikes on both products and shipping costs and called him out on his lie which was deleted by Rob(another HobbyKing customer service rep) but it still lingers on the thread in a quote from another user agreeing with me.

Originally Posted by Craig Does RC
Don't insult our intelligence by lying to our faces. HobbyKing prices have indeed gone up by a significant amount on nearly everything you carry. It is one thing to defend your place of employment for brownie points but to tell such blatant lies... let's just say it is concerning.
I used to be a big fan of HobbyKing until I realized I can buy the same exact products from the actual manufacturers for less money, free shipping, and customer service that is years ahead of the clowns at HobbyKing.

Keep lying to your customers and removing any comments that aren't licking the butt of HobbyKing and you will soon be left with only that one cuck from the UK that comes to your defense every time something negative but 100% true is posted about the company.