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Posted by Pappyjkns | Jul 07, 2016 @ 07:26 AM | 6,011 Views
Tuesday, July 5/16:

On Monday, I checked my calendar for the upcoming week, then I checked the weather channels and determined that Tuesday was my best option for a flying session for the upcoming week.

I planned to refit the stabilizer on my HK Cumulus 1.5 DLG but Life had other plans! The whole day was spent running hither and tither completing errands and looking after my family’s needs. Finally at 10 pm. I was able to go down to the basement to work on the plane. I was tired and the repair did not go well, however, I thought it would hopefully suffice at least for a few hours at the field.

In the morning, I loaded up the van with all my r/c materials, the canopy and work table. Then I picked up & dropped off my grandson at bible camp. After that it was a quick run to the field off of Hwy #6 south.

This time, I got smarted and drove the van right up the set up area to unload everything and thusly save some leg work. But first I had to call into the Hamilton Tower to activate “NOTAM 160160”. No problem!

After I got the canopy, chairs & table set up, I then brought the plane out and set it up on the field box. Only then did I actually look at the re-glued stabilizer…..OMG! What freaking disaster! Somehow, it managed to shift as it was drying and now it was waaaay out of alignment with the rudder and the wings! Damn it all anyways!!! Man was I p’oed! Finally I calmed down and decided to slowly removed the pylon from the boom which then...Continue Reading