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Posted by CAFB 04-12 | Apr 15, 2006 @ 05:45 AM | 2,987 Views
My Easy Star and spare Slow Stick or on their way from Hobby Lobby, TN, and hopefully arrive before I take a week off for a visit to the States. I'm going to take my time building the EZ so I can get it right an have a plane that will fly hands-off like the Hobby Lobby video clip. I want something that I can take up to 1000' and soar around power off for awhile.

In the meantime I've started recovering my Talon sloper in gray and white (the only colors I have left). I'm going to reinforce the fuse with carbon fiber strips and paint it since my covering skills over rounded surfaces such as fuselages are very poor. As I've been looking at it I think it will someday become an electric flyer with a S400 motor in it. I think a S400 might make it nose heavy, but I can add tail weight to compensate. Covered the model only weighs 18 oz or so, so an even smaller 300 size motor might do the trick, too. I think I'll have to cover the bottom of the wing with light balsa, though, because my flying fields usually have sharp weeds, sticks, and grass that poke holes in the covering otherwise. I'm surprised that it made it through two seasons at the Point of the Mountain without more damage. With added strength of carbon fiber (or fiberglass, if I ever get the nerve up to try again) this will make this a strong little plane. I'm hoping to get some speed out of it too, someday.
Posted by CAFB 04-12 | Apr 10, 2006 @ 01:33 PM | 2,956 Views
I get the RC bug every spring and this year it has lead to a slow stick, a brushless motor, a lipo battery, and a Nikon 3700. Maybe by the end of the summer I'll have saved up enough money to get it flying. As you can see from the picture, My slow stick wing didn't exactly turn out true, so I've ordered another - with a good dose of experience this time hopefully I won't destroy it. I hope to get a maiden flight after my trip to the states in a few weeks. I really have to commend - excellent and extremely fast shipping to my overseas APO and quick replies to email. They forgot my props in the first shipment and quickly sent them out once I sent an email.