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Posted by OutcastZeroOne | Mar 17, 2013 @ 01:32 PM | 8,207 Views
My F/A-241 Shrike. For what ever reason this plane has captured my attention more then any other I have ever made or seen. It is my own design and I know it can do some very impressive things. It pushes my skill level to its limit but can still be tamed back enough for my skill level.

Now I am starting a larger, 40"+ wing span version of this craft. I've printed out the plans for this larger, now KF6 with a dihedral wing, variant and have almost finished cutting them out. I plane to use my TURNIGY Aerodrive C2822 1600Kv Outrunner motor slinging a 7-8" prop on this thing. Possibly also adding on rudders.

I will keep updating this as things go. The only main issue I have right now is the fact I will be moving in the next month.