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Posted by MudDuckAviation | Sep 22, 2010 @ 02:26 PM | 3,528 Views
Sorry for the "stale" blog I just realized I hadn't updated since the new year!

Recent News

Depron CricKit

The new Depron CricKit has been slow to take final form but we should be ready to get the last revisions finished and get this baby in kit form and ready to sell.

We brought it out to the NEAT Fair without any test flights on it and found that a "Little Screamer" isn't the best choice to stick on a slow flier . I knew that the FFF prototype was overpowered with a small Tower Pro bell outrunner and was looking for something laying around the shop that was smaller; the Little Screamer was all I had before the show that was smaller. It did fly it but I am going to look into a different small motor to pair it with.

Laser Kits Coming Soon

Mud Duck Aviation is going to be releasing laser cut kits shortly. We have already started with out new lot of Mud Duck Sport kits that will feature laser-cut wood parts rather than the die-cut parts previously. The foamboard parts in this lot will remain die-cut until we exhaust the stock.

Next up will be the Agri-Duck Sport (83") which will be fully laser cut, followed shortly thereafter by the Mud Duck MkII (108") and Agri-Duck (110"). Somewhere along the line we will also be releasing the CricKit as a fully laser-cut Depron kit.

Once we have all these designs up and kitted we can begin to get some new stuff out that have been sitting on our drawing boards (or the back of
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Posted by MudDuckAviation | Jan 13, 2010 @ 02:33 PM | 3,874 Views
2009 is in the history books and 2010 is an opportunity for a fresh start!

Why not try a Mud Duck MkII, Mud Duck Sport, Agri-Duck, Agri-Duck Sport, or CricKit this year???

Mud Duck Aviation has complete kits of the Mud Duck Sport, Semi-kits of the MkII and (large) Agri-Duck, as well as plans sets for all of the designs including the Agri-Duck Sport and CricKit.

So whether you didn't get something you wanted this holiday season or you are looking for "something new" that you haven't tried before, visit our store and make it a "Duck"... you'll have plenty of fun building and flying one of these birds!

Posted by MudDuckAviation | Jul 09, 2009 @ 01:49 PM | 4,077 Views
We have one "Full" kit and two "Semi" kits currently available. The three available kits can be found here.

The Mud Duck Sport is available as a "Full" kit, meaning, it includes:
- Comically Illustrated Step-By-Step Instruction Manual
- All Die-Cut Foamboard Parts Included
- All Balsa, Hardwood, Dowels, & Die-Cut light-ply parts Included
- Pre-Bent Landing Gear Wire parts Included
- Huge 7.5" Foam (main) Wheels
- Cool Full Color Ace & Spinner Graphics Set Included
- Hardware Parts Included (Strut Attachment kit, Pins, Screws, Wheel Bearings, L.G. hold downs)
- Tapes (for mounting, hinging and finishing)

What the full kit does not include are the engine/motor, fuel tank, Radio/servos/batteries, control rods (linkages), glue, paint or time in a bottle .

- No Covering needed, Just Spray Paint w/ Cheap Krylon = FAST/CHEAP!
- Build as Rudder-Only, or Build w/ Optional Ailerons
- Fast, Easy Building
- Nice, Relaxing Slow Flight
- Gentle/Lazy Aerobatics
- Attention Getter

8" Air Tires are available seperately for the Mud Duck Sport.

The Mud Duck MkII is available as a "Semi" kit, meaning, it includes:
- Comically Illustrated Step-By-Step Instruction Manual
- 3 Full-size Templates/Plans sheets
- All Balsa, Hardwood, Dowels, & Die-Cut light-ply parts Included
- Landing Gear Wire Parts
- Huge 9"-10" Air Tires and Wheels (main)
- Hardware Parts Included (...Continue Reading
Posted by MudDuckAviation | May 20, 2009 @ 11:16 AM | 3,637 Views
Kits Are Coming Back!!!

Mud Duck Sport Full Kit
Specs on "Plans" page
Mud Duck MkII Semi-Kit
Specs on "Plans" page
Agri-Duck Semi-Kit
Specs on "Plans" page

We are about to begin packing up kits this coming week and should have kits ready for shipping soon. We will updae our website and store to reflect the new additions in the coming days. We will update the blog as we make these changes.


Check out all of our current products at The Mud Duck Store

Posted by MudDuckAviation | Dec 18, 2008 @ 03:31 PM | 4,029 Views
Mud Duck Aviation wishes you and your family a Happy Holiday season this year!

We hope the coming year brings you health, wealth, and wisdom but more importantly: More flying days!

We are offering one of two coupons: 15% OFF your order or FREE SHIPPING*.

Check out our website and store and if you find anything you like use one of the two following coupon codes during check out.
(The coupons can not be used in combination with any other offers.)

Take 15% OFF your order: DEC8RCG15

* Free shipping within the "lower 48" United States.
Coupons expire December 25, 2008
Posted by MudDuckAviation | Dec 18, 2008 @ 08:27 AM | 3,889 Views
Whoops! I forgot to update my Blog

The good news is that my surgery was a success and I am recovering very, very well. So well infact, I am back to taking orders and back to work.

Stay tuned, I will be posting some last minute coupons for 15% off or free shipping here later.

Posted by MudDuckAviation | Sep 23, 2008 @ 11:42 AM | 4,122 Views
Anyone out there considering picking up a set of plans or some parts for one of our Ducks, I urge you to act soon. The store will be shut down for at least two weeks begining Oct 8th.

Since I am the sole operator of MDA, this is one drawback: Surgery. I am undergoing a spinal disk replacement on October 9th and will be unable to fullfill orders for several weeks. I will build up a stock of plans and pre-package a bunch. My wife will be able to ship out (pre-packed) orders after things calm down a bit from my surgery.

So if you would like plans/parts sooner than later, please place any orders by October 7th. As an extra incentive, I am offering free shipping for plans within the U.S. (email me if you are international for a reduced shipping quote).

Posted by MudDuckAviation | Sep 05, 2008 @ 08:23 AM | 4,114 Views
Plans Prices Reduced!!!

Our in-house printing equipment is up and running and now that our costs have dropped, I am passing the savings on to our customers.

Save $10 on either the Mud Duck MkII or Agri-Duck Plans Sets
Save $8 on Mud Duck Sport or Agri-Duck Sport Plans Sets

We are also now stocking more hardware specific to the Mud Duck designs to save you time shopping your local stores for the right items. Some of these parts include:

Cardboard tubes
7" Foam Wheel kits
Wing Strut mounting kits
Hitch Pins
and more

Just pick up your materials locally which will save a tremondous amount on shipping charges for the oversized parts and grab the rest of your hardware when you order a set of plans and in no time you will be flying your Duck!

Posted by MudDuckAviation | Aug 15, 2008 @ 10:12 PM | 4,761 Views
Some news regarding our custom sized plans

imsofaman (Dave) has included his build from a set of my 50% scale (55" w.s.) plans of the Agri-Duck in cars4fun2001 (Mike's) thread for his Electric Agri-Duck Sport (81" w.s.).

He posted 2 videos from earlier today of the first two test flights and it sure looks like he enjoyed himself ...Page with Videos
Posted by MudDuckAviation | Jul 24, 2008 @ 07:59 AM | 5,381 Views
Hello everyone!
I figured I would give a Blog a shot here on RC Groups. I do not always get here everyday and get caught up in other business, but if I fall behind and you want to hear some updates, shoot me a PM, email, or post a virtual "kick-in-the-pants" here. You can always visit the Mud Duck Aviation website at if you want to see if there is any news posted there that hadn't made it to this blog.