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Posted by skyking1231 | Nov 08, 2006 @ 01:38 PM | 5,058 Views
I have a , easy glider, twinstar II, minibop, miracle, EZ star, as well as an old Playboy (60inch WS), Hyperion P51, and a 1/4 scale P47 25lbs with 6HP gas engine, E-Flite At-6, Airpower F-20 EDF, Multiplex Funjet, Lanier Dart 40, UHU, Multiplew Twister, TM Sniper

Microjet: (deceased/retired) After many flights, and the occasional crash. My microjet became the "ghettojet". . Microdan speed 2505 4.75 x 5.5 APC prop on 4S, crazy vertical performance. No problem hand launching...even with a tailwind. AUW is appox 14 oz (depends on which batt i use)

Easy glider: AXI 2212/34 11X8 graupner folding prop, 3slipo 2100
This plane started out as a slope glider(EG)...i changed it into an EGE. I can take the motor out....put the nose section back on with tape and i can go slope soaring. Performance is very good...and very light.

Twinstar II : Originally flew with Graupner 480's 7.2V on 3S lipo. and Graupner SLim Cam props 6.6x3 props. Flew well....not fast, but could cruise at a very low power setting. Wanted more authority and converted to brushless. Went with FC 28-12 Brushless Outrunner 15340kv (from, and some cheapy 7x4 props. About 30 amps, and 300 watts WOT. Performance was great. On a fresh 3S lipo battery I could almost hover. I am going to try 7x5 APC props. But on the GWS-like 7x4 props...the perf was really good, and fun...very happy with the cheap motors (5.95 each). Plus the motor are a lot lighter than the heavy...Continue Reading