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Posted by Ironmn28 | Sep 26, 2011 @ 01:54 PM | 2,183 Views
As I was looking at my profile I thought it was pretty sad that I had nothing there and yet I browse RCG all the time. Mainly to find information about products that I have and to see if anyone had tips that I can use. What I generally find is that everyone is super awesome and for the most part very helpful. I find it interesting how this hobby brings people together and at the same time inspires. I just attended our local Internation Airshow in Salinas, CA. I've been attending for a long time and seeing Sean D. Tucker and Kirby Chambliss makes me smile because I think about flying my RC Planes like them. Then you see the F-16 do a fly by as loud as can be and I'm like oh dang... Let me see if I can get an EDF like that! Crazy things people do to have fun and mine is defintally anything RC.

I recently went to the Blackrock Desert in NV to fly my 100CC Aeroworks Extra. Awesome time and fun to also spend some time with my Dad.