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Posted by Simon76 | Nov 17, 2017 @ 05:10 PM | 2,208 Views
Just a small inside look of WannaDuino`s MADCAVE ChopQuadModShop.................

AND YES, I USE CAPSLOCK, and it`snot yelling. there are some ( fragile woman ) here that are offended by the capslock.

Here I will be posting al my new mods and also some older ones that are maybe interesting in some kind to you all.
I m an Electronics Engineer by trade and have also some other skills, I love Arduino and Modding RC`s to the way we LIKE it. FPV, better performance, better antenna setups, FIRMWARE modding, Batterys you name it I do it.
And this is the place to learn and help others too.
Join us, here and also on the Youtube Channel for video`s and DIY or how to`s.. Reading