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Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Oct 11, 2018 @ 07:38 PM | 1,686 Views
Saito FA-40A - 1st Tank (clip) (1 min 34 sec)

First run, very rich break in run, of my nib 40A. This is a short clip of the run. The day's temperature was likely around 72F, iirc.

Engine was running quite cool. I did run it a bit harder near end of tank.
With Hi-Speed at about ~5.5 turns out, and my limiting throttle teavel, it likely never went past 7k rpm per instryction manual.

i bought this engine off E-bay a while back. Finally made a mount for it

This is a nice engine. It is unbelievably small for the power it makes:
-Running Xoar 11x6 wood prop
-10% Powermaster
-New OS F plug (came with Saito SS)
-Engine is make 'C' btw

I noticed a new ignitor battery really helped with starting it.
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Aug 12, 2018 @ 09:34 PM | 1,500 Views
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Description: Kawasaki Z900RS classic style

I got the go-ahead from the family to get a street bike. I explained that if i feel the road is too dangerous i may trade it for a dirtbike

I have decided my SV650 dream is a bit too expensive, heavy, & fancy for my wallet. If i win the lottery however... to me the SV650 is motorcycle art!

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2016 Honda CB500F (click pic for HD)

But I can't afford anything 'artistic.' The Honda CB500F or Yamaha SR400 are the best i can do. Honestly, i think they look sweet These are $6000 bikes not including fees.

$6000 bikes are supposed to be utilitarian, according to the US Motorcycle bible. That is considered cheap to modern motorcyclists. For me, it's about all i'd ever like to spend. The used market affords more promise, but i am hoping to get a new bike

(Every motorcycle magazine has dug up a piece of this 'bible.' And I'm pretty sure it was written by men....wanting to sell $18,000 VMAXes and mid-life crisis supersport bikes)

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Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Aug 05, 2018 @ 07:39 PM | 988 Views
I am thinking about getting me a bike after all these years. The ol' Suzuki SV650 has been a favorite since i was younger... it' be the top of the list. Right above the Yamaha SR400.

While i was younger i was really into motorcycles, as a magazine reader i mean. I dreamt of getting a dirt bike. I realized i like 4-stroke engines. Mostly singles (thumpers) and v-twins.
(this is why i enjoy Saito model 4-strokes. In a sense, they are like mini motorcycle engines)

Then i 'got into' road bikes and wanted a 250cc Virago 250 (V-Star 250 now) or something small to begin riding. I took the MSF Ridercourse basic training in my area & earned a USA motorcycle license.
I must've had 6 hours of sleep those two days--i was so excited to be on a bike By then i wanted a Suzuki Intruder 800

So I got the Motorcycle License but never got a bike!... Mostly because riding on roads seems dangerous (cell phones). But also because they're a bit more expensive to get into than my other hobbies ...aaaaaand a new car was practical.

I have had my motorcycle license for ~10 years now. I figure that once i get my ducks in a row, i could get a used bike or something fairly affordable.

I was surprised to find a surge in smaller bikes. 300-400cc bikes like the beautiful Yamaha SR400 thumper, rad KTM RC390 (single cylinder!), & Kawasaki Ninja 400R seem practical to me. I am not a big guy.
I tend to like affordable Standard bikes. Not too fancy or expensive. Often times you sit upwards in...Continue Reading
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Jul 24, 2018 @ 11:44 PM | 1,430 Views
Imagine forward flaps like on a jet fighter.

Or perhaps side force generators with rudder, mixed with regular flaps, a bit of up-elevator, dual wing-mounted prop-drive motors, and proper throttle management for slow tight turns. Hmmmmmmmmm.

I have thought that 4 control surfaces seemed incomplete compared to birds' wings. Then i realize that passenger jets have several wing surfaces to add or kill lift....... and reverse thrust. Humph.
Then i watched a jet fighter with those forward flaps (automatic control) to aid slow flight. Don't forget the air brakes

Dang! i was born too late

I imagine morphing drones are the future for our military, but i'd rather keep that hush hush

Why dont we modelers get variable pitch propeller systems like Helicopters? Full-size planes have them so i wonder if the Large Scale guys would be interested (?)

I do not think it would be too hard to slap a Heli, with rear of boom facing up, to the front of a plane and call it a day. Heck, who said God meant everything to be simple? He went as small as the atom, afterall

Btw, title of this blog is the name of my new album

Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Jul 22, 2018 @ 02:45 AM | 1,774 Views
The end of recreational drone and RC model flying in the USA? (27 min 50 sec)

FAA literally told us to be quiet, they do not have time for American Citizen modelers(!) We are not getting proper representation!
NOW is the time to act. We need to fight this!

We have the RIGHT to the pursuit of happiness which means enjoying the air above our own heads.
We need to stand up NOW and tell these greedy corporations and FAA that we have the RIGHT to our own space--and MORESO than any of them.

I am quite sure there are more than 220,000 modelers and drone flyers. I am talking a cool million American citizens own models or drones, easy.

Btw, your feedom is often taken away from you in the name of 'security.' As if us modelers are unable to practice safety...i call bull poo!

If anything, several commercial drones flying around in MY personal space is a threat to my peace and security. How is that safer than me flying my precious model?

These people are being hypocritical. It is so easy to turn it all back on them that they told our 1 model guy to be quiet while excluding the AMA. Wow... evil.

Don't give FAA an inch!
Don' give Amazon an inch!
Don't give WalMart an inch!

We have fought through war after war for our freedom. Dont let these greedy ignorant corporations take it away.
A fellow modeler surely cares more about your privacy than some corporation or 3-letter organization.

We need to form an RC Modeler Superpower to represent us legally and vocally, as well as voice our rights.

Btw, where was the AMA!???? AMA, everyone, time to STAND UP for ourselves! Do NOT let them take Section 336! Thanks... and...

At the very least we should ALL be able to fly without civilians being taxed. Duh.

Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Jun 26, 2018 @ 01:01 AM | 2,360 Views
I took another look at my Saito FA-72A (Plastic Backplate Version) after setting it aside in lazy frustration months ago...

The plastic backplate seemed to have led to an intake air leak due to the vibration it allows. There is extra space between the head-intake-washer and intake pipe.
A metal .72 or .82 backplate will provide proper use.

However, i could experiment with adding extra washers to fill the play.

I also read the plastic backplate had deformed on another modeler's .72 causing the crank to break!
Saito later switched to a metal back plate. It is a shame, most Saitos will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance cost.

Anyways, here is a list of parts needed to fix my -72A:
Saito 72 or 82 rear metal case
Saito 72 or 82 rear case gasket
Saito 72 or 82 carb/metal backplate screws
Saito 72 or 82 Intake O-Ring
Saito .72A or 82A (old style) Cam Case Gasket
Saito .72A Bearings (2) (i maybe could reuse a bearing or two, will test with heat gun due to possible glow fuel congealment)

Additionally, i should consider ordering a backup set of carb seals and intake o-rings for each size Saito engine i keep.
Gaskets can be made with paper or MotoSeal. I think heat-shrink tubing can be used to seal rod tubes.

I am considering selling the 72. Yet with a little TLC it will make a great engine. Only .72 but makes 1.2hp and sounds great doing it.
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Jun 23, 2018 @ 01:25 AM | 1,900 Views
I am thinking Saito should make a new Inline V-Twin similar to thier FA-100Ti.

Only, i think it should be based on the wonderful FA-62B. So it will be an FA-124Ti or FA-125Ti depending on the combined displacement. Being 'inline' it may fit in some warbirds such as a Spitfire or Mustang.

I would probably put one on a stick plane and be good to go

I just got through running my used FA-62A some more. It seems awesome! Great power and sound in a small package

I would've had it tuned days ago but i keep missing the Sunlight for my tachometer. I just about finished tuning it today ...but Sun = gone

It seems to have more power than my FA-56 yet i have not checked valves on the .56. I also did not set my .56 to peak, rather 9400rpm. I read it can spin a 13x4 to 10,500 but i would lower it.

Pretty sure the .62 was doing 10,100 rpm easily with the Xoar 13x4. I'll see for sure when i find some Sun.

If the .62 continues to show promise, my current 3 favorite Saito engines (that i own) are:
FA-40A (have yet to run but it looks like a little gem)
FA-62 (1hp engine yet manages to weigh less than the classic .50 that i love)
FA-91S (have yet to run mine but she is a heck of a looker)

May i also add i enjoy the older style mufflers and pipes.
The newer mufflers seem to be made very well but look a bit odd. The older long mufflers look like a real 4-stroke muffler. The one-piece black mufflers look classy to me. I also do enjoy pipes

I think the FA-120R3 is based off the FA-40A. It is definitely on My List
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Jun 16, 2018 @ 09:53 PM | 1,447 Views
-I tuned my Saito FA-56 with a Xoar 13x4 wood prop. I would have used the 12x6 but i nicked it with the tacho ...lol dumb

I may post the retarded .56 video but i yapped too much. So i included a lackluster picture in this here high-energy blog

Also, i got the .56 down to a reliable 2300rpm idle yesterday. Not bad.
So now i need to make a better video!

-I learned how to do the backflip start. You may want to try it if conventional flip starting gets tiresome. After priming for 2-3 revolutions, it seems to work on the .56

-I just got an FA-62 but work was NUTZ today otherwise i would have run it.

Right now i am sitting on my wishing it was not dark
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | May 14, 2018 @ 10:00 PM | 2,921 Views
My used Oxy3 Qube 255mm arrived today

It looks impressive! I am not in a hurry to fly it. The blades seem balanced, but i need to thoroughly inspect/test it.

It looks good so far:
-Motor gear mesh needs adjustment. Too tight. No biggie.
-There is a small hairline crack on underside of Canopy. Not a big deal.

-The servos look good so far... I need to inspect bottom area. I may need to mod the inside to prevent possible electrical shorts (that i read about).
The early versions had no short protection from bottom Aluminum casing.

-I need one Satellite antenna. Maybe $35 max

Going to run 3S. Not sure about the Head Speed setup on this heli yet. The Ikon looks to use a popular type of PC cable. I should have one. The PC program is free for download.
I am so glad the Ikon does not use an annoying proprietary ($$) connector.

-i may replace the motor with a Lynx EOX 2216 4100kv if this one gives me any issues.
The included 3100kv motor was [noted to be] from a Walker V450D2

The Oxy came with some extra parts i feel blessed. This Oxy 3 is easily the Ferarri of my RC Hangar...
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | May 10, 2018 @ 09:55 AM | 2,510 Views
I have become highly interested in the Lynx Oxy line of small helicopters. They look to be made with surprisingly high quality for thier size.

Lynx has a history of providing quality replacement & upgrade parts for other companies' helis. They seem to know what they are doing with thier small Oxy Heli line...

Thier smallest Heli is the Oxy2 at 190mm to 215mm. A little larger than a Blade 180 CFX. Belt Tail. Looks more durable than a TT

Thier first Heli, the Oxy3, is 255mm. A little larger than a Blade 250 CFX (245mm stock). Belt Tail.
It sports a 3-blade conversion (called Qube) with 255mm main blades and a tri-blade tail rotor conversion.
Additionally it has a 280mm 2-blade stretch conversion.

I love the look of the Oxy 3 Tareq with it's dreamy orange-anodized aluminum parts. It reminds me of the beautiful Ofna Titan nitro monster truck i wanted, circa 2003.
That truck was orange too and had nice metal gears in its drive train...

Oxy's largest heli is the new Oxy 4 at 325mm. Same blade size as a Blade 330X or 450X . It also sports a stretch conversion to 360mm.

TheOxy helis are reported to be built with high quality materials and last long before needing replacement parts.
Afaik, Oxy stands behind thier products and improves anything known to fail prematurely.

I think one model had a certain bad Tail blade design--so Oxy redesigned it. Fixed. Done. I don't want free parts in the mail, i want the bad parts redesigned & fixed!

From what i can tell, the...Continue Reading
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | May 05, 2018 @ 12:23 PM | 1,844 Views
Mainstream Media is constantly attacking us civilians for owning drones.

Because of this, i have refrained from FPV.

My character, the way i am, i do not like to bother my neighbors and respect thier privacy.
The worst i do is troll people on YouTube.. but whats funny is i actually make friends doing it. I try to keep things cool.

However--i have noticed that Civilians have been under attack with the continuing surge of drone popularity. I understand this to a point, but the media has banded together to make everyone with a drone look bad. They have even used CGI effects and legit FAKE news stories, over and over, to make civvy drones look bad.

There will always be a few outlaws in every arena. That is why breaking the law leads to jail and fines! But this is not a reason to punish the entire civilian population. Brainwash the uninformed into believing good civilians with drones, model planes, model helicopters, or guns are suddenly the bad guys--then use this to try to pass laws to...

To pass laws to keep Modelers from flying while Google, Amazon, WalMart, etc get OUR land/airspace to fly thier commercial drones?!

This is complete hypocracy
and is a violation of civilians rights to happiness adding to the slow roll towards financial slavery (taxes) and physical slavery (no way to fight back when government or corps go to far).

Modelers, non-modelers, civilians of all nationalities, Americans, non-Americans--EVERYONE NEEDS TO FIGHT this.

We should NOT allow...Continue Reading
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | May 04, 2018 @ 08:21 PM | 1,515 Views
I am in the market for a ~450 size Helicopter.
Current considerations are....

•Lynx Oxy 3

•Blade Fusion 270

•Blade 450X (plastic frame)

•Blade 330X (a plastic 450X but w/AR636A)

•Lynx Oxy 4 (will have to save for this one $$$)

•Align Trex 470L

I am leaning towards a used Blade 450X or 330X. I do plan to build an Oxy Heli later.
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Apr 18, 2018 @ 01:05 AM | 2,069 Views
I got a used, new to me, Blade 250 CFX today!

It looks like a fine step up from my sub-micro Blade 130S.

It seems to be working well after inspection & systems test. Main Motor seems a bit wobbly (? cheep) but otherwise i like it so far. It has some real power & awesome sound

I'll look further into the sloppy motor issue-it may be OK or may need servicing. We'll see...
The tail blade needs replacement soon but is okay for now. It looks bent but not torn, so i'll be easy on it. I bet my lhs has spare tail blades

This 250 CFX came with a spare Main Gear & two orange Microheli plastic Main Blades! Perfect.
The stock Carbon Fiber Main Blades are a bit fancy for me. I'll enjoy them later after i get more experience & stop crashing so often

The seller thankfully double-boxed the 250--its stock box looks dang new. I'm impressed. Hope to maiden soon, been windy down here in Texas.

Good day y'all
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Mar 29, 2018 @ 11:13 AM | 1,886 Views
I finally flipped my Blade 130S Heli today. A few forward flips in Idle1-Hi. Man, i was shaking! Pure audio and visual adrenaline

Am mostly flying in Stability for now until i get a canopy & more sim time. I do not recommend fff hi-rates in Stability Mode. If you do fly fast in Stability, stay away from Earth

Fun little copter! I like my 130S

i bet the 180 CFX is a hoot for those with proper experience. I really want a Blade 250 CFX. I do like the Lynx Oxy 2, Oxy 3, and Blade 330X as well.

For adults who do and do not play video games--go get FarCry 5! Even if you do not play videogames, check it out. It is worth a rental at least

FC5 is an awesome free-roam FPS--with cars, trucks, atvs, boats, airplanes, wingsuit, parachute, and helicopters!
The planes fly OK for a videogame ...they need an RC Mode 2 control setup option. They're cool. But the Helis are very useful with better control

I have been waiting for a game like FarCry 5 for years. It has most everything i wanted in a 'next gen' game that we never have gotten since the Xbox One/PS4 era. It looks great on my old Xbox One and even better on PC.

FarCry 5 is not for kids. Check the game rating for more details

Good day
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Mar 23, 2018 @ 01:15 PM | 1,831 Views
We just witnessed an H19 (or derivitive) Helicopter suddenly appear overhead flying low and fast. I think it was OD Green or Coyote Brown.

I could be mistaken... but the undercarriage and silhouette gave it away.

I was watching YT videos so am famiar with its looks.

The H19 has a Radial Wright engine in the nose.

I snapped the pic too late but i managed to capture a dot... with my peasant phone lol
(a surprisingly awful pic similar to those UFO 'captures' you see taken by the foil-hat folks)

I thought the H19 was pretty much not used these days. So i was surprised. It could be a later model...

There are actually many versions including one with Jet engines. The one i heard sounded like... well i'll have to watch some videos because the rotor noise overpowered engine noise.

It seemed to make a combustion-engine sound if i had to bet the Cat.

If i see it again i will snap a pic. Tin-foil hat ready
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Mar 21, 2018 @ 11:20 PM | 1,992 Views
here i ramble about flying my E-flite Ultimate2 bipe, Blade 130S fix after crash, and my latest thoughts on RC Helis

Well, i logged a few more flights with my E-flite Ultimate2--this time with additional weight to balance for its lack of crappy OEM nose-cone.

She flew great! Landings were fine (tall grass leads to nose overs but who cares)

She does not seem as fast as my E-flite Sukhoi SU-29MM. I imagine her weight runs down a battery quicker than the Sukhoi. Still, i enjoyed the Ultimate's large size & easy flight.

Changing the Main Gear on my Blade 130S Heli was a breeze thanks to JJInvertedProduction via YouTube

I test flew the 130S today and she seems okay!
-Am going to replace tail rotor (has a nick)
-Drink Coffee
-Check Servos and glue servo motors
-Check Swash
-Trim Flight
-Chase a Bee

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
For anyone unaware, i crashed my 130S at fairly high speed in grass. Yesterday i slowly replayed the video... my 130S bounced about 2-feet in the air after impact
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
Holy crap, if that was a 180 CFX it woulda been a smoldering pile!
Lesson: Use Idle-Up modes for FFF. Practice Sim to cure dum thum

I am so glad i have my 130S flying again. We missed her. I do want an additional larger Heli but am happy with the 130S for now.

You know, I should get a few extra batteries. These micro-size Helis do not fly very long. I set my timer to 3min in...Continue Reading
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Mar 20, 2018 @ 11:40 PM | 1,754 Views
I finally maidened my second-hand E-flite Ultimate2 biplane!

It is a 2200-lipo-size Pitts Ultimate 3D foamy. Fun-scale of course.
Nice big plane (for me) with a fun 1300kv BL10 motor. 3S power system. With the stock 12x4 prop it sounds cool

I had removed the nose cone (it's crappy and unbalanced) so, naturally, it flew rather tail-heavy. Moreso than i had imagined it would...

Add gusty wind--and i crashed trying to land. It stalled. It either wanted to point UP or DOWN lol... my fault.
I know i should have added weight to the front. Maybe 5 quarters under the battery hatch cover...

It is in good shape. I just bent landing gear, afaik. I will look at it closer later

My favorite thing about it--& i have yet to fly in 3D Mode btw, is its SIZE & forgiving nature

It feels like a dang AIRSHIP compared to my other planes. It can fly slowly, too, with its biplane-ish drag & 4" pitch prop.
The foam construction means it bounces instead of cracks like a balsa model.

If it were balsa i would have not taken any chances; gusty wind & improper balance does not mix on a nice balsa airplane maiden.

I may post the maiden video later on.

I do plan to get my balsa Easy Sport airplane flying this summer with a nice Saito 4-stroke glow mill. Ideal balsa setup, imo...

On another note, the Main Gears arrived for my little Blade 130S helicopter. That thing is fun! I crashed it a week ago so hopefully will be flying soon.

I am eyeing the...Continue Reading
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Mar 15, 2018 @ 12:31 AM | 1,776 Views
i finally crashed my Blade 130S. My fault, dum thums
Blade 130S - Crash @ 1:42 (2 min 37 sec)

It seems to be in good shape considering the speed. And the dolphin dive

I am going to order a new Main Gear set and Feathering Shaft. I may also need another Servo. Testing Phase incomplete...

I bent the boom back 'gud enuff' for flying. It is tweaked but OK. I really want to get this copter flying soon. She is a fun one

Later i may order a blue aluminum boom set ...reminds me of my RC Car days.
My RC10 GT Plus, T-MAXX 2.5, and Nitro TC3 Team all had nice blue-anodized aluminum chassis & other goodies... ah! the good ol' days

I have been improving on the Heli simulator immensely. Too bad i had a Daleks moment today but it happens--and quick with these helis
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Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Mar 06, 2018 @ 11:49 PM | 1,708 Views
I just bought a Blade 130S bnf today. LHS matched Horizon Hobby's online price. Glad to support my LHS again, been a while since i bought a model.

Now i need to sell something to make up for it--but it was so worth the price! These rc helicopters are amazing
This little bugger has a 12.2" diameter blade system. It sounds cool when using collective pitch and when the tail motor screams on.

I like 12" props ever since i flew my PZ Sukhoi SU-29MM. They sound cool.

Besides the Blade 130S having a servo/swashplate binding issue on Hi-Rates during bench evaluation (Throttle Hold applied), everything looks good so far.

No problems with Lo-Rates, which is what i will be practicing with for a little while. This is my Training 'Copter so i am not worried about Hi-Rates yet

I am sure there is some kind of adjustment i could make to fix the issue. I will look into it further (Note: Binding may actually be AS3X compensation, will check)

I am using my Viking 280 batteries (E-flite 3S 450mah 30C). They seemed to charge fine after storing them at a decreased voltage.
The 130S canopy does not fit with them on. I could poke some holes and adjust it to fit.

One of my Hitec chargers is not balancing batteries. Wierd, i noticed this a few months ago. I will look into it

Hmmmm what to sell...