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Posted by etracer | Feb 12, 2018 @ 06:42 PM | 6,033 Views
Runaway Takeoff Prevention is a new safety feature designed to detect and auto-disarm if an unsafe response is detected by the PID controller on takeoff. Sometimes referred to as a "Tasmanian Devil", some configuration or hardware issues can cause a violent and dangerous out-of-control spin immediately after arming or as the throttle is raised for takeoff. Some common causes are:
  • Props on incorrectly
  • Motor order wrong
  • Motors spinning the wrong direction
  • Flight controller (gyro) orientation incorrect

This feature is designed to only intervene and auto-disarm during a runaway event on takeoff and should have no impact on normal flight.

The wiki page providing all the details can be found here:

Use this thread to post results or ask questions. Please provide feedback regarding any problems or adjustments to the default configuration parameters that you've found to be needed. We will use this feedback to help fine-tune the settings for the final Betaflight 3.3 release.

Here's a short video showing the feature in operation. In this case the flight controller orientation was intentionally set 90 degrees rotated. Normally this would cause a violent spin (the "Tasmanian Devil") but the Runaway Takeoff Prevention feature intervenes and auto-disarms.

anti taz 2 (0 min 12 sec)