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Posted by CyberJay | Sep 20, 2009 @ 01:11 PM | 11,472 Views
I've been wanting a PT-17 in this scheme in this size. I almost went with the Nitroplanes Navy schemed one but luckily I held out. The build went together really nice, better than some of my previous eflite builds. It flies great but needed a fair amount of nose weight.

I've been messing around with endurance flying, since this plane looks good cruising by real slow. Currently I've flown it for 25m30s minutes at about 40% throttle. When I landed the batteries were at 11.09v and I put about 3450mah back in. So I guess that's about all I can do with these batteries.

EDIT: On October 31st 2009 I crashed my first PT-17. It has been replaced with a second ARF that came out exactly the same as the first. The maiden of the second plane didn't even require any trim.

*** SOLD 06/14 ***

AUW: 67oz. (4.5oz of lead in the nose)
Static test: 530 watts

PT-17 Stearman

AerodriveXp SK 35-48 1100Kv outrunner
3s1p 4400mah 40c lipo (2x 3s1p 2200mah in parallel)
12x6 electric wood prop

Caste Creations:
Thunderbird 54 ESC

T12FGA transmitter
R617FS receiver

(2) HS-56HB servos (ailerons)
(1) HS-81 servo (elevator)
(1) HS-82MG servo (rudder)

WS Deans:
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Posted by CyberJay | Sep 01, 2009 @ 10:20 PM | 11,234 Views
Had to grab one of these guys. I'm real impressed with it so far.

It's stock, and I use my DX9.

AUW: ~1oz.