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Posted by CyberJay | Oct 24, 2008 @ 08:52 PM | 10,758 Views
Well I've been wanting a new radio for several reasons.. First my T7CHP is out of model memory. Second is 2.4Ghz of course. And finally I feel that I'm getting enough "into" the hobby to warrant owning a high end radio.

I had decided on getting a Futaba 10C next spring but fate(or Tower) would step in.

While killing time at work I was looking over the Tower Hobbies site and I saw that had the 12FG radios on sale for $799! Upon closer inspection I see that they also come with a free HD chair($40 value), $20 coupon at checkout, and $40 gift card for future merchandise. This was a deal I could not pass up.

I do like to try to keep my money local, so I went to Todd who is the owner of our local Hobbytown USA and asked if he could match the deal. Since I spend a *few* dollars there he said he could match it dollar for dollar out the door. So it was a done deal.

I also got two of the 616 RXs and two of the 617 RXs. Once I get a feel for the range and performance of both I will decide which way to go for the rest of my planes. I ordered 100 of the molex connectors from Digi-Key for the 616s. I know a guy at the field who wanted some too. I'll just splice these on rather than spending $6!! on Futaba's adapters.. haha

My Taylorcraft is already converted over and setup. I flew it... feels like a different plane now. The radio is VERY comfortable in my hands and I love the new high end neck strap that it came with. I'd been using the tiny one that came...Continue Reading
Posted by CyberJay | Oct 09, 2008 @ 10:50 PM | 8,952 Views
Here's a cool model at my flying club. This is a 100" Miss Delaware. I'm told the plans were originally from the 1930s and it was intended as a freeflight model. This particular one was built 15-20 years ago. At one time it had an OS .91 on the front.

The designer of this model must have owned a rubber mill. The two halves of the wing are held together with rubber bands. The wing is held to the fuse with rubber bands. The landing gear are held to the fuse with rubber bands. Even the tail feathers are held on with rubber bands!

Last week Bob L. brought it out to the field setup with three channels and a Power 10 turning a 12x8e prop! He proceeded to fly it at about 2 MPH for 5 minutes with a 3s 2200mah lipo. He had 4(I believe) lipos in the nose for ballast but no parallel adapters on hand.

Sunday it was updated with ailerons, a Power 32 and 14x10e prop. Bob also picked up a parallel adapter so he can run 3s2p 4400mah. It flew for around 9 minutes. Much of the flight was spent figuring out how much aileron/rudder mix to use.

Being into electrics and a relative newb to flying, I think it's extremely cool that Bob has this old plane, built from even older plans and it gets up there and flys great with electric power.

Pictures are somewhat poor, I was getting my own planes ready to fly.

Posted by CyberJay | Oct 09, 2008 @ 09:13 PM | 8,897 Views
I got an itch for a WWI bipe. I like seeing the 25% ones flying around at the club field. Went with this S.E.5a since I prefer wooden planes with ailerons. The kit went together really nicely. I did a clear matte spray paint over the covering to make it look more like cloth.

*** SOLD April 2010 ***

AUW: 22oz.
Static test: 135 watts.

Great Planes:
S.E.5a kit

2812-0850 Brushless

Castle Creations:
Thunderbird 18 ESC

10x5 wooden prop

S75 Servos (Ailerons)

Team Associated:
XPS Micro Servo (Rudder) (Yes, it's a steering servo from my RC18MT)

94091 Micro Servo (Elevator)

T12FGA transmitter

DM9 DSM2 module for Futaba MZ
AR6100 receiver

Flight Power:
1345mah 3S1P LiPo

Ultra Connectors