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Posted by CyberJay | Aug 12, 2008 @ 07:21 PM | 9,003 Views
SUCH a beautiful plane.. I'm happy I finally got one...

EDIT: Originally purchased in 2008, in the 2+ years that it flew I managed to ding both wing tips, rip the landing gear out twice, destroy the cowl twice, break the windshield twice, smash the firewall out completely, break the battery tray, crush the leading edge of one wing, poke two holes all the way through the wings, bend three or four pairs of landing gear, knocked the motor box off of the firewall, and I'm sure I'm missing some things. I have always repaired it but since it is one of my most flown airplanes with probably close to 400 flights, I decided to go ahead and replace the airframe.

In January of 2011 I moved all of my electronics to a brand new Taylorcraft. It's awesome to see it all shiny and new again.

EDIT2: Well, now August 2014 I've had another bad crash. I will be ordering my third Taylorcraft 450 airframe. Shortly before my crash I had upgraded to an AR636 AS3X receiver which was absolutely awesome. I am becoming a big fan of AS3X and similar systems.

Float flying pics here.

AUW Land: 34oz
AUW Water: 50oz
Static test: 320 watts.

(It used to have a Park 480 but I stole it for another project)

Aerodrive SK 3530 1100kv outrunner
Plush 40a ESC new version with switchmode BEC
11x7 electric wood prop
3s1p 2200mah 40c lipo

DX9 transmitter
AR636 AS3X receiver

(2) S3110 servos (ailerons)

(2) HS-56HB...Continue Reading