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Posted by CyberJay | Jun 28, 2008 @ 10:48 PM | 8,477 Views
*** SOLD! May 2009 ***

Sold the stock radio.. Don't care for the way it felt in my hand.

Static test stock with APC 12x8e: 430 watts.
Static test CC ESC with APC 12x10e: 450 watts.
Statis test CC ESC with APC 13x6.5e: .

T-34 Mentor
Power 25 outrunner
(4) ST47 standard servos
3s1p 3200mah LiPo

Castle Creations:
Thunderbird 54 ESC

Thunder Power:
(2) 3s1p 2100mah LiPo

T12FGA transmitter
R6014FS receiver
S3151 standard servo (flaps)

12x8e prop
12x10e prop
13x6.5e prop

Ultra connectors
Posted by CyberJay | Jun 25, 2008 @ 10:59 AM | 6,788 Views
For the last 9 years of my life I have lived in a townhouse where the only place to work on projects was at my desk in my office, or on the dining room table. Needless to say it was "difficult" to work on my junk.

Anyway, I know it's nothing real special, but in March we bought a house with a 2 car (Yeah right, like I'm gonna waste that space on a car) garage. Now that we're somewhat moved in I have been spending some time on building it up. Did the floor in epoxy shield, added some lighting, etc etc. I also enlarged the access to the attic and sheeted the floor of the attic over the garage for 350 sq.ft. of storage. I have a small antenna farm in the attic over the rest of the house.

So the 16' x 3' workbench is on the south wall. 10' x 2' shelves on the west wall which still need to be organized a little better. And finally bike hooks, airplane rack, and lawn/garden equipment all hanging on the north wall. The overhead door is the east wall.

There is still some moving debris in the middle of the garage, that will need to get put away. Then I plan to build a 10' x 4' table on large casters using similar construction as the workbench.

So as far as I'm concerned this is about the only room in the house that I need.

Posted by CyberJay | Jun 05, 2008 @ 06:27 PM | 6,924 Views
*** SOLD February 2009 ***

Went into a hobby shop I hadn't been to in months. Sitting there on the counter for an incredible deal was a slightly used Mini Pulse XT. How could I say no?

I put the 22a esc and Park 450 into my P-47D. I put a Park 480 and 25a Pro ESC into the Mini Pulse.

EDIT: The Mini Pulse has been a good plane, but I'm ready to move on. Mini Pulse retired November 2008. To be replaced by a 3D Hobby Shop 40" Edge 540.

Static test: 220 watts.

Mini Pulse XT PNP
25amp Pro BL ESC
Park 480 910kv Outrunner

Thunder Power:
3s1p 2100mah LiPo

3s1p 2200mah LiPo

T12FGA transmitter
R616FFM receiver
S3110 Servo - (Elevator)

(3) HS56HB Servos - (Ailerons, Rudder)

Master Airscrew:
10x7 GF Prop

Ultra connectors
Posted by CyberJay | Jun 02, 2008 @ 10:07 PM | 6,688 Views
*** GIVEN AWAY September 2008 ***

Well I wanted to try out a 3D plane. This kit is very complete, Mike does a good job. I used all of his recommended parts. It's fun to fly but I have a lot to learn..

EDIT: I've flown it a bunch more... I am not meant for 3D.. Stripped all of the electronics and will bring it to the next club meeting and try to find it a new home.

Static test: 140 watts.

Fancy Foam:
Yak-54 printed kit

2812-0850 Brushless

11x4.7 Slow Fly Prop

Castle Creations:
Thunderbird 18 ESC

(4) HS-55 Servos
Micro 05S RX
CH40 Crystal


Flight Power:
1345mah 3S1P LiPo

Ultra Connectors